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Aug 15 – 26, 2022
US/Central timezone

Scientific Program

The anticipated scientific program includes:

  • Perturbative QCD and Jet Physics - Ian Moult, Yale University
  • Higgs Theory - Bernhard Mistlberger, SLAC
  • Electroweak Theory - Radja Boughezal, Northwestern/Argonne
  • BSM Theory - Bogdan Dobrescu, FNAL
  • Flavor Physics Theory, Wolfgang Altmannshofer, UCSC
  • BSM Experimental Searches - Zeynep Demaragli, Boston University
  • Higgs and Standard Model Measurements - Aram Apyan, Brandeis University
  • Flavor Physics Experiment - Matt Rudolph, Syracuse University
  • High-density QCD with Proton and Ion Beams, Marta Verweij, Utrecht University
  • Reconstruction & ML techniques - Lindsey Gray, FNAL
  • Statistics - Nicholas Wardle, Imperial College London
  • Tracking detectors - Doug Berry, FNAL
  • Calorimetry - Ted Kolberg, Florida State University
  • Timing detectors - Artur Apresyan, FNAL
  • Trigger and DAQ - Sergo Jindariani, FNAL
  • Computing - Oliver Gutsche, FNAL
  • Accelerator Technologies - TBD

Special Lectures:
- Snowmass process - Joel Butler, FNAL
- Quantum Information Science - Gabriel Perdue, FNAL
- Neutrino physics - Noemi Rocco, FNAL

Discussion Sessions:
There will be parallel discussion sessions, lasting about 60 minutes, during the School. Students remain in the same discussion group for the duration of the School.