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Apr 24 – 28, 2023
America/Chicago timezone
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Participant List

182 participants

Event Registration

Last Name First Name Attendance Type Affiliation
Acosta Flechas Maria In-Person Fermilab
Ahn Seung-Chan Virtual Fermilab
Akeroyd Frederick Virtual STFC UKRI
Angelus John Virtual ESH
Arnold Ned In-Person Argonne National Laboratory
Arriagada Ignacio In-Person NOIRLab/Gemini/Aura
Austin Mark Virtual Fermilab / AD / Controls
Badgett William In-Person Fermilab
Baffes Curtis Virtual Fermilab
Baily Scott In-Person Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bajdel Marcel Virtual GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH
Banerjee Vijay In-Person University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Berlioz Jose In-Person Fermilab
Bhardwaj Gopika In-Person Fermilab
Biss Jeffery Virtual employee
Black Gillian Virtual Canadian Light Source
Bracey Dave In-Person Fermilab
Brown Gregory Virtual Fermilab
Brown Robin In-Person National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Caracappa Anthony Virtual Brookhaven National Laboratory
Carmichael Linden Virtual FERMILAB
Case Jennifer In-Person Fermilab
Chandler Elaine Virtual Argonne National Laboratory
Clayton Jamie In-Person Fermilab
Cmar Mark In-Person National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Copping Oliver In-Person Diamond Light Source
Crawford Darren In-Person PIP-II
Crisp Dan Virtual FRIB
Crowley Eileen In-Person Fermilab
Dach Miroslaw In-Person Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Dalesio Leo In-Person None
Dantas Sara Virtual University of Campinas
Davidsaver Michael In-Person Osprey DCS
Daykin Evan Virtual MSU FRIB
Densch-Giese Andrew Virtual FNAL
Derbenev Anton In-Person Brookhaven National Laboratory
Desmarchelier Gabriel Virtual CEA Saclay
Devoy John Virtual FNAL
Diamond John In-Person Fermilab
Diller Jed In-Person Gemini Observatory/NSF's NOIRLab
Drechsler Peter In-Person FNAL/AD/EES
Drennan Craig In-Person Fermilab
Eddy Nathan In-Person Fermilab
Edelen Auralee Virtual SLAC
Einstein-Curtis Joshua In-Person RadiaSoft LLC
Eisch Jonathan In-Person Fermilab
Engell Keith In-Person FNAL
Evans Richard In-Person NASA Armstrong Test Facility
Filho Marco Virtual CNPEM
Finstrom Denise In-Person Fermilab
Firebaugh Jerry In-Person Fermilab
Ford Tynan Virtual LBNL
Gaget Alexis Virtual CEA IRFU
Gecht Jonathan In-Person Radiation Physics Engineering Dept
Geelhoed Michael In-Person Fermilab
Giacchini Mauro In-Person Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Laboratori di Legnaro, Italy
Gofron Kazimierz In-Person Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Gonzalez Mariana In-Person None
Gottschalk Erik In-Person Fermilab
Guzman Michael In-Person Fermilab
Ha Kiman In-Person BNL
Hanlet Pierrick In-Person Fermilab
Hao Hao In-Person Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Harms Elvin In-Person Fermilab
Harrison Beau In-Person Fermilab
Hartman Steven Virtual ORNL
Hartsell Brian In-Person Fermilab
Hazelwood Kyle In-Person FNAL
Healy Francis In-Person U. S. Department of Energy, Office of Science
Henderson Morgan In-Person RadiaSoft LLC
Hill Rachael Virtual Idaho National Laboratory
Hozman Aron In-Person NASA Armstrong Test Facility
Hu Yong In-Person Brookhaven National Lab (BNL)
Huang Jim In-Person Fermilab
Ibrahim Aisha Virtual FNAL -AD/INST
Ivanov Iouri Nicolayevich Virtual Employee
Ivashkevych Oksana Virtual BNL
Jamilkowski James In-Person BNL/EIC
Johnson Andrew In-Person Argonne
Johnson Stanley In-Person Accelerator Division, FermiLab
Joshi Shreya In-Person na
Junkes Heinz In-Person Fritz Haber Institute
Justice Thomas In-Person Oak Ridge National Laboratory/Spallation Neutron Source
Kasemir Kay Virtual Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Kim Kuktae Virtual SLAC
Kimura Takuro Virtual KEK/J-PARC Center
King Charles Virtual Fermilab
Klabbers Pam In-Person Fermilab
Klein James In-Person NASA
Korhonen Timo In-Person European Spallation Source ERIC
Kriznar Igor Virtual Scientific Controls d.o.o.
Kucera Michael Virtual Fermilab
Kulmatycski Kyle Virtual Brookhaven National Laboratory
Kunjir Shriraj In-Person MSU FRIB
Lambert Dan Virtual Fermilab
Lange Ralph In-Person ITER
Lawrence Chandler In-Person Fermilab
Leschnitzer Dale Virtual DOE Office of Science/LANL
Lopez Erwin Virtual SLAC
Lott Eva In-Person Diamond Light Source
Lutman Alberto Virtual SLAC
Ma Jun In-Person Brookhaven National Lab
Maloney Christian Virtual NASA's Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility
Martin Hilda In-Person LANL
Martin Kevin In-Person Fermilab
McArthur Dan Virtual Fermilab
McIntyre George In-Person Osprey DCS
McNanney Douglas Virtual FRIB
Mead Joseph Virtual Brookhaven National Lab
Mercado Ronaldo In-Person Diamond Light Source
Miceli Tia In-Person Fermilab
Mills Larry Virtual FNAL
Nadot Victor Virtual CEA Saclay
Neswold Richard Virtual Accelerator Complex Technology Div / Controls Department
Neuffer David In-Person Fermilab
Nicklaus Dennis In-Person Fermilab
Norum William In-Person Osprey DCS
Novak Finley Virtual Fermilab
O'Connell Josh Virtual Fermilab
Omitto Diego In-Person Osprey DCS
Patel Pratik Virtual Fermilab
Patrick James In-Person Fermilab
Paulino Guilherme Virtual Pitec
Pearson Matthew Virtual Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Pereira de Figueiredo Francisco Virtual Staff
Peterson David In-Person Fermilab
Peterson Kevin In-Person n/a
Peterson Quinn In-Person Fermilab
Prelz Francesco Virtual INFN - Sezione di Milano
Prosser Alan In-Person CSAID
Purves Maren Virtual East Asian Observatory
Quan Peiyu In-Person SLAC national accelerator lab
Quemuel Jonathan In-Person Guest
Quinlan Mike Virtual Fermilab Employee
Regnell Susanne In-Person European Spallation Source
Rivers Mark In-Person The University of Chicago
Rolim Érico Virtual LNLS
Rowe Mike In-Person TRIUMF
Russo Lucas In-Person Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Sabjan Rok In-Person COSYLAB
Saewert Andrea Virtual Fermilab
Santucci Robert In-Person Fermilab Instrumentation
Savage Geoffrey In-Person Fermilab
Scarpine Vic In-Person Fermilab
Shankar Murali In-Person SLAC
Shen Guobao In-Person Argonne National Laboratory
Shroff Kunal Virtual BNl
Sliczniak Mike In-Person FNAL
Slimmer David Virtual Accelerator Divison
Smedinghoff James In-Person Fermilab
Souter James In-Person Diamond Light Source
Spillers-Nowlin Roshanda Virtual Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Stein Samuel In-Person Osprey DCS
Steinkamp Derek In-Person FNAL
Stevenson Susanna Virtual Fermilab
Sullivan Bill In-Person FNAL
Tartarotti Robert Virtual LUMENTUM
Tavares Daniel Virtual LNLS/Sirius
Teheran Sierra Jeny In-Person Cybersecurity Architect
Theis Andrew In-Person NASA's Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility
Tian Yuke In-Person Brookhaven National Lab
Tiradani Anthony In-Person Fermilab
Varlec Jernej In-Person Cosylab
Vodopivec Klemen In-Person Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Voy Duane Virtual Fermilab
Wang Lin Virtual CSNS
Webb Steven Virtual ORNL
White Gregory In-Person SLAC
White Karen In-Person ORNL
Wilkins Stuart In-Person Brookhaven National Laboratory
Yamada Shuei Virtual KEK/J-PARC
Zhang Dehong In-Person SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Zhang Tong In-Person FRIB
Zingelman Timothy In-Person FNAL
Zumbruch Peter Virtual GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research Darmstadt
Zwaska Robert In-Person Fermilab
ezeobi Uchenna In-Person University of Colorado Colorado Springs
you jianming Virtual fermilab