Sep 4 – 6, 2023
America/Chicago timezone

Access to Fermilab (business visitor)

Please note that if you are not a Fermilab user, affiliate or an employee:

  • You must register for the workshop (here on indico) for site access at Fermilab. This will generate an automatic Business Visitor request for the days of Sep 5-6 2023 only.
  • More about Business Visitors at this page:
  • Make sure to follow all steps in email (check junk/spam folder)
  • You must have a RealID to show at the gate, and will be issued a QR code to show


For non-US citizens, before traveling to Fermilab make sure you either have a valid B-1/B-1 visa stamp or, if eligible, an ESTA authorization. When going through the US border patrol, either at the departure airport or on the ground in the US, please make it clear to the CBP officer that your visit is for a business purpose, NOT for tourism. Fermilab access can only be granted with an I-94 showing a B-1 or VWB entry. If your I-94 shows B-2 or VWT, badging will be on hold until the I-94 is corrected, delaying your access by 1-3 days. More information on lab access can be found here. More information about Fermilab and Visas can be found here.