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Aug 10 – 15, 2015
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas
Brazil/East timezone

Cosmological bounds of sterile neutrinos in a $SU(3)_C\otimes SU(3)_L\otimes SU(3)_R\otimes U(1)_N$ model as dark matter candidates

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Ministro João Alberto Lins de Barros auditorium (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas)

Ministro João Alberto Lins de Barros auditorium

Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas

Rua Dr. Xavier Sigaud 150 Urca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ BRAZIL
Poster Working group 3: Accelerator Physics


Mr Cesar Peixoto Ferreira (Unicamp)


We study sterile neutrinos in an extension of the standard model, based on the gauge group $SU(3)_C\otimes SU(3)_L\otimes SU(3)_R\otimes U(1)_N$, and use this model to illustrate how to apply cosmological limits to thermalized particles that decouple while relativistic. These neutrinos, $N_{aL}$, can be dark matter candidates, with a keV mass range arising rather naturally in this model. We analyse the cosmological limits imposed by $N_{eff}$ and dark matter abundance on these neutrinos. Assuming that these neutrinos have roughly equal masses and are not CDM, we conclude that the $N_{eff}$ experimental value can be satisfied in some cases and the abundance constraint implies that these neutrinos are hot dark matter. With this information, we give upper bounds on the Yukawa coupling between the sterile neutrinos and a scalar field, the possible values of the VEV of this scalar field and lower bounds to the mass of one gauge boson of the model, $U_L$. Also, these Hot Dark Matter sterile neutrinos should have an impact on the neutrino mass sum measured in cosmology, $\sum m_\nu <0.23$ eV, and we verify that this bound is satisfied in the model.

Primary author


Prof. Marcelo Moraes Guzzo (UNICAMP) Prof. Pedro Cunha de Holanda (UNICAMP)

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