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18-22 May 2015
Wayne State University
US/Eastern timezone

Contribution List

103 / 103
Prof. Stephen Lanier (Vice President for Research, Wayne State University)
5/18/15, 9:00 AM
Dr Fulvio Piccinini (istituto nazionale di fisica nucleare, sezione di Pavia)
5/18/15, 9:30 AM
Prof. Sasa Prelovsek (University of Ljubljana)
5/18/15, 10:00 AM
Dr Mihajlo Kornicer (University of Hawaii)
5/18/15, 11:00 AM
Prof. Antimo Palano (INFN and University of Bari, Italy)
5/18/15, 1:30 PM
Dr Daniel Mohler (Fermilab)
5/18/15, 2:00 PM
Dr Geoffrey Bodwin (Argonne National Laboratory)
5/18/15, 3:30 PM
Prof. Svjetlana Fajfer (University of Ljubljana and J. Stefan Institute)
5/19/15, 11:00 AM
Prof. Jure Zupan (University of Cincinnati)
5/19/15, 12:00 PM
Ms Fenfen An (Institute of High Energy Physics)
5/20/15, 8:30 AM
Prof. Alexander Kagan (University of Cincinnati)
5/21/15, 8:30 AM
Dr Sabato Leo (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
5/21/15, 9:30 AM
Dr Adrian Bevan (Queen Mary University of London)
5/21/15, 10:00 AM
Dr Paras Naik (University of Bristol)
5/21/15, 11:00 AM
Prof. Frank Petriello (University of Wisconsin)
5/21/15, 1:30 PM
Dr Hajime Muramatsu (U. of Minnesota)
5/21/15, 2:30 PM
Dr M Padmanath (Graz U.)
5/21/15, 3:30 PM
Stephen Ogilvy (University of Glasgow)
5/21/15, 4:00 PM
Dr Xiao-Rui Lyu (UCAS)
5/21/15, 4:30 PM
Prof. Yangheng Zheng (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
5/22/15, 12:00 PM
Prof. Chris Parkes (University of Manchester)
5/22/15, 2:00 PM
Prof. Marko Staric (J. Stefan Institute)
5/22/15, 2:30 PM
Mr Angelo Carbone (INFN and University of Bologna)
5/22/15, 3:00 PM
Prof. Luca Silvestrini (INFN, Rome)
5/22/15, 3:05 PM
Dr Alan Schwartz (University of Cincinnati)
5/22/15, 3:45 PM
Prof. Antimo Palano (INFN and University of Bari, Italy)
Dr Daniel Mohler (Fermilab)