28-29 April 2015
Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone
Fermilab and its Accelerator Division will be completing construction of the Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA) by 2016. A superconducting linear accelerator with a photo-injector capable of delivering up to 300 MeV high brightness electron beams will also be available for research on short pulse laser-beam interactions directly as well as for injection of 200 MeV electrons with a precise phase-space footprint in the IOTA ring for advanced nonlinear dynamics studies including space-charge and other critical one-of-a-kind unique quantum optical experiments. By 2017, a RFQ-based proton/ion injector will also be available for the IOTA ring. The Fermilab team has taken great care in a flexible design of the IOTA ring allowing mounting of very special and characteristically unique experiments that will demand flexibility of optics and rapid re-configuration of its set-up as demanded by experiments. The experiments will be fully synergistic with and supportive of other collaborative similar experiments elsewhere (e.g. collaborative nonlinear dynamical experiments with space charge in the UMER ring at the University of Maryland; quantum optical control experiments at DESY; etc.). We are seeking to engage a very select group of critical external collaborators from the academic and national laboratory communities within US and internationally to join us in helping shape this program where this special community will have a vested interest and will direct and own the experimental program. The workshop will allow the participants to develop the scientific program of IOTA with full synergistic support from the community, helping and enhancing the national and international developments collaboratively. The workshop provides us all with the opportunity to share in the excitement of shaping a unique program around IOTA and share the research results very visibly. Fermilab and associated partnering universities are motivated and committed to work hard to generate the necessary collaborative support to ensure the success of the program.
Starts Apr 28, 2015 08:00
Ends Apr 29, 2015 18:00
Wilson Hall