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Aug 15 – 17, 2016
University at Buffalo, North Campus, Amherst, NY
US/Eastern timezone

Participant List

64 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alexander Huss ETH Zurich
Alexander Penin University of Alberta
Amedeo Primo Università di Padova- INFN Sezione di Padova
Andreas von Manteuffel University of Mainz
Andrzej Czarnecki University of Alberta
Arnd Behring DESY
Ayres Freitas University of Pittsburgh
Bernhard Mistlberger CERN
Chang Wu SUNY Buffalo
Christian Bauer LBNL
Christian Reuschle Florida State University
Christian Weiss Desy Hamburg
Ciaran Williams SUNY Buffalo
David Heymes University of Cambridge
Doreen Wackeroth University at Buffalo, SUNY
Elisabetta Furlan ETH Zurich
Falko Dulat ETH Zurich
Frank Petriello Northwestern University and ANL
Freddy Cachazo Perimeter Institute for Theoreitcal Physics
Giulia Zanderighi CERN
HuaXing Zhu Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ian Lewis University of Kansas
Jean-Nicolas Lang University of Wuerzburg
Jeremy Baron University at Buffalo
Jia Zhou University at Buffalo, SUNY
Joey Huston Michigan State University
Lance Dixon SLAC
Lars Hofer UB Barcelona
Laura Reina Florida State University
Lisong Chen Department of Physics at SUNY Buffalo
Long Bin Chen University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lorenzo Tancredi KIT Karlsruhe
Mao Zeng UC Los Angeles
Marek Schoenherr University of Zurich
Marius Wiesemann University of Zürich
Mark Harley Trinity College Dublin
Matthias Kerner Max Planck Institute for Physics
Matthias Neubert University of Mainz
Matthieu Jaquier University of Freiburg
Michael Morse University at Buffalo
Nicholas Rodd Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nikolaos Kidonakis Kennesaw State University
Peter Marquard DESY
Raoul Rontsch Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Richard Ball University of Edinburgh
Robert Schabinger Trinity College Dublin
Robert Szafron U. of Alberta
Roberto Mondini University at Buffalo, SUNY
Simone Marzani University at Buffalo
Stefan Hoeche SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Stefano Di Vita DESY
Stefano Forte Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' di Milano and INFN, Sezione di Milano
Stephen Martin Northern Illinois University
Syed Mehedi Hasan University at Buffalo
Tania Robens IKTP, TU Dresden
Tao Liu University of Alberta
Thomas Blum University of Connecticut
Timo Schmidt University of Freiburg
Tobias Neumann University at Buffalo
Vincent Theeuwes SUNY, Buffalo
Walter Giele Fermilab
William Javier Torres Bobadilla University of Padua
Xiaohui Liu University of Maryland-College Park
Ye Li Fermilab