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18-21 May 2016
US/Pacific timezone

Participant List

73 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alan Fisher SLAC
Alejandro Castilla CERN
Alessandro Ratti LBNL
Andrea Apollonio CERN
Anne McEwen Jefferson Lab
Antonios Vouris Fermilab
Bernardo Bordini CERN
Binping Xiao Brookhaven National Lab
Bruce Strauss U. S. Department of Energy
Daniel Cheng LBNL
Diego Perini CERN
Elias Metral CERN
Emmanuele Ravaioli LBNL
Eric Anderssen Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Eric Prebys Fermilab
Felix Rodriguez Mateos CERN
GianLuca Sabbi LBNL
Gianluigi Arduini CERN
Giorgio Ambrosio Fermilab
Giorgio Apollinari Fermilab
Giorgio Vallone CERN
Guram Chlachidze Fermilab
Hao Zha CERN
Heng Pan Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Ian Pong LBNL
Ilan Ben-Zvi Brookhaven National Laboratory
isabel bejar alonso CERN
Jaime Cabanes CERN
Jean-Luc Vay LBNL
Ji Qiang LBNL
John Dusatko SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
John Fox SLAC/Stanford
Juan Carlos Perez CERN
Kevin Shing Bruce Li CERN
Leonardo Ristori Fermilab
Lewis Keller SLAC
Linda Valerio Fermilab
Lucio Rossi CERN
Marco Garlaschè CERN
Marta Bajko cern
Massimo Giovannozzi CERN
Maxim Marchevsky LBNL
Michael Anerella BNL
Miriam Fitterer FNAL
Nan Phinney SLAC
Niklas Templeton STFC
Oleksiy Kononenko SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Oliver Bruning CERN
Ozhan Turgut SLAC
Paolo Ferracin CERN
Peter Wanderer BNL
Rama Calaga CERN
Reiner Denz CERN
Riccardo De Maria CERN
Robert Warnock SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Ruben Carcagno Fermilab
SAU LAN WU The University of Wisconsin Madison
Serena Persichelli LBL
Sergey Arsenyev MIT
Shrikant Pattalwar STFC Daresbury Laboratory
Silvia Verdú-Andrés BNL
Soren Prestemon LBNL
Stefano Redaelli CERN
Suba De Silva Old Dominion University
Susana Izquierdo Bermudez CERN
Thomas Markiewicz SLAC
Wang Xiaorong Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Yannis Papaphilippou CERN
Yunhai Cai SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Yuri Nosochkov SLAC
Zenghai Li SLAC