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8-12 May 2017
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
US/Central timezone

Participant List

140 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adam Aurisano University of Cincinnati
Adam Lyon Fermilab
Adithya Kuchibhotla University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Adrian Pol University of Paris-Sud/CMS
Alexander Radovic College of William and Mary
Alexandre Sousa University of Cincinnati
Alexx Perloff Texas A&M University
Amir Farbin University of Texas Arlington
Andrew Whitbeck FNAL
Anthony Tiradani Fermilab
Aristeidis Tsaris Fermilab
Ashley Back Iowa State University
Auralee Edelen Fermilab / Colorado State University
Benjamin Hooberman FNAL
Benjamin Nachman LBNL
Brian Nord Fermilab
Caterina Vernieri Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Catherine Schuman Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cecile Germain Université Paris Sud
Chris Green Fermilab
Cilicia Uzziel Perez University of Alabama
Corey Adams Harvard University
Cristina Schlesier University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Daniel Cherdack Colorado State University
Daniel Ratner SLAC
daniela bortoletto Oxford
David Miller University of Chicago
Devin Taylor UW-Madison
Dustin Anderson California Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy FNAL
Erica Smith Indiana University
Erika Catano Mur Iowa State University
Evan Niner FNAL
Fedor Ratnikov Yandex School of Data Analysis
Fernanda Psihas Indiana University
Francesco Rubbo SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Frank Golf UCSB
Gabriel Perdue Fermilab
Gilles Louppe NYU
Giuseppe Cerati Fermilab
Heng-Ye Liao Kansas State UNiversity
Hongxuan Liu Baylor University
Ian Fisk Simons Foundation
Ilija Vukotic University of Chicago
IRVING DANIEL SANDOVAL University of Illinois at Chicago
Jake Anderson Pearson Education
Jamal Rorie Rice University
james simone Fermilab
James Stapleton Fermilab
Jason St. John U. of Cincinnati
Javier Duarte Fermilab
Jean-Roch Vlimant California Institute of Technology
Jenny Holzbauer University of Mississippi
Jessica Esquivel Syracuse University
Jim Kowalkowski Fermilab
Jim Pivarski Princeton University
Joakim Olsson University of Chicago
Joseph Lykken Fermilab
Josh Bendavid Caltech
Julie Hogan Brown University
Justas Balcas Cern
Justin Vasel Indiana University
Kai Yi U iowa
Katherine Woodruff New Mexico State University
KAZUHIRO TERAO Columbia University
Kenichi Hatakeyama Baylor University
Kenneth Herner Fermilab
Kevin Pedro Fermilab
Kyle Cranmer NYU
Kyunghyun Cho New York University
Leo Michelotti Fermilab
Lindsey Gray Fermilab
Lisa Goodenough Argonne National Laboratory
Lothar Bauerdick Fermilab
Louis Antonelli The Ohio State University
Louise Heelan University of Texas at Arlington
Maciej Wielgosz AGH University of Science and Technology
Marc Paterno Fermilab
Marc Weinberg Carnegie Mellon University
Maria Girone CERN
Maria Spiropulu Caltech
Markus Stoye CERN
Matt Zhang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Matteo Cremonesi Fermilab
Maurizio Pierini CERN
Michael Andrews Fermilab
Michael Betancourt Columbia University
Michael Kagan SLAC
Michael Kirby Fermilab
Michael Sokoloff University of Cincinnati
Michela Paganini Yale
Mikael Kuusela University of Chicago
Miranda Champion Purdue University
Nam Tran Boston University
Nathaniel Odell Northwestern University
Nathaniel Pastika Baylor University
Nick Amin University of California, Santa Barbara
Paolo Calafiura LBNL
Parag Mhashilkar Fermilab
Peter Nugent Berkeley/LBNL
Petr Bour FNSPE CTU Prague
Pietro Perona Caltech
Prasanna Balaprakash Argonne National Laboratory
Pushpalatha Bhat Fermilab
Qiming Lu Fermilab
Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli Rutgers University
Ranjan Dharmapalan Argonne National Laboratory
Reza Zadeh Stanford and Matroid
Richie Jacobovits IBM
Robert Gardner University of Chicago
Robert Illingworth Fermilab
Ryan Murphy Indiana University
Ryan Reece UC Santa Cruz
Saba Sehrish Fermilab
Scarlet Norberg University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Sean-Jiun Wang University of Florida
Sergei Gleyzer University of Florida
Sezen Sekmen Kyungpook National University
Shiqi Yu IIT/ANL
Sofia Vallecorsa CERN
Soo Ryu Argonne National Lab
Stefan Wager Stanford
Stephen Mrenna Fermilab
Steven Farrell Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Sudeshna Ganguly University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaigns
Sudhir Malik University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Taylor Childers Argonne
Thomas Junk Fermilab
Valdas Rapsevicius FNAL
Victoria Stodden University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Viktor Khristenko The University of Iowa
Wesley Gohn University of Kentucky
Will Turner University of Liverpool
William Foreman University of Chicago
William M. Briggs Statistician
Wouter Van De Pontseele University of Oxford
Xuan Chen University of Illinois at Chicago
Yan Duan UC Berkeley, OpenAI
Zhenbin Wu University of Illinois at Chicago