HPT R&D Roadmap Workshop

Comitium (Fermilab)



Bob Zwaska (Fermilab), Patrick Hurh (FNAL)
The High Power Targetry R&D Roadmap for High Energy Physics Workshop is focused upon plotting the course for the HPT R&D activities necessary for supporting the future global High Energy Physics experimental program. A draft workshop charge is below. Please join us as we discuss the targetry challenges of the long-term HEP program, the R&D routes necessary to meet those challenges, and develop a useful R&D roadmap to guide near-term activities.

Workshop Charge: Identify the required and most beneficial High Power Targetry (HPT) R&D routes and associated key milestones, considering the needs, objectives, and timeline of the HEP experimental program as recommended in the 2014 P5 report. The resulting HPT R&D for HEP “roadmap” should plot the course that is suitable for HPT R&D GARD (General Accelerator Research and Development) activities for the next ten years while supporting the objectives of HEP projects in the 10 – 30 year time frame. Synergies with other branches of the DOE Office of Science should be identified and evaluated for potential benefits.

A link to the 2014 P5 report (Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel) is included in the background materials below.
Final P5 report issued in 2014
Workshop Group Photo
  • Bernie Riemer
  • Bob Zwaska
  • Chris Densham
  • Cory Crowley
  • Daisy Kalra
  • David Senor
  • Douglas Glenzinski
  • Frederique Pellemoine
  • Igor Rakhno
  • James Popp
  • Jim Hylen
  • Katsuya Yonehara
  • Kavin Ammigan
  • Kevin Lynch
  • LK Len
  • Marco Calviani
  • Mark Messier
  • Nikolai Mokhov
  • Nobuhiro Terunuma
  • Patrick Hurh
  • Pavel Snopok
  • Robert Tschirhart
  • Shunsuke Makimura
  • Sujit Bidhar
  • Taku Ishida
  • Viacheslav Kuksenko
  • Weilin Jiang
  • Yu Morikawa