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Preconference Symposium Program

Vocal Effort, Vocal Fatigue, and Vocal Load: What, How and Where

A one-day special topics symposium of the 11th ICVPB

The 11th International Conference on Voice Physiology and Biomechanics (ICVPB 2018) is excited to announce presenters for this year’s Pre-Conference Symposium held on July 31st. The pre-conference speakers are made up of a diverse cohort of leading speech and voice scientists, clinical experts, and accomplished researchers in the areas of vocal fatigue and effort. Together, the most comprehensive picture of the current research and knowledge surrounding fatigue, effort, load and their physiological effects along with the direction of future research on this important topic will be given. You won’t want to miss this experience!


Katherine Verdolini Abbott
University of Delaware
Peter Popolo
Montclair State University
Pasquale Bottalico
Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mary Sandage
Auburn University
Lady Catherine Cantor-Cutiva
Michigan State University
Jeff Searl
Michigan State University
Maria M. Dietrich
University of Missouri
Cara Stepp
Boston University
Daryush Mehta
Harvard Medical and Massachusetts
General Hospital
Eva van Leer
Georgia State University
Miriam van Mersbergen
University of Memphis
J. Scott Yaruss
Michigan State University

Chayadevie Nanjundeswaran
East Tennessee State University

Matias Zanartu
Universidad Tecnica Federico
Santa Maria

We hope you will join us in beautiful East Lansing on July 31st 2018 for the 11th ICVPB conference. Registration to the symposium is in addition to the full conference. Registration is available now at the following link.