Jul 22 – 28, 2018
Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
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Measuring of chiral susceptibility using gradient flow

Jul 26, 2018, 12:00 PM
Centennial (Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center)


Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center

219 S Harrison Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824
Nonzero Temperature and Density Nonzero Temperature and Density


Mr Atsushi Baba (University of Tsukuba)


In the lattice gauge theory with Wilson fermion, chiral symmetry is explicitly broken. A non-trivial additive correction is needed to renormalize the chiral condensate. In this study, we use gradient flow to avoid this problem. Gradient flow makes us possible to define correctly renormalized chiral susceptibility without additive renormalization. We measure not only disconnected diagram but also connected diagram for chiral susceptibility. This measurement is on finite temperature full QCD with Nf=2+1 Wilson fermion, and for temperature range 178-348 MeV.

Primary author

Mr Atsushi Baba (University of Tsukuba)


Mr Asobu Suzuki (University of Tsukuba) Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki (Kyushu University) Prof. Kazuyuki Kanaya (University of Tsukuba) Prof. Masakiyo Kitazawa (Osaka University) Prof. Shinji Ejiri (Niigata University) Mr Takanori Shimojo (Kyushu University) Dr Takashi Umeda (Hiroshima University) Prof. Yusuke Taniguchi (University of Tsukuba)

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