Jul 22 – 28, 2018
Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
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Finite volume matrix elements of two-body states

Jul 26, 2018, 10:10 AM
105 (Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center)


Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center

219 S Harrison Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions


Alessandro Baroni (University of South Carolina)


In this talk, I will discuss a class of observables that are experimentally inaccessible but can be accessed via lattice QCD, and how these will shed light into the nature of low-lying QCD resonances and bound states. In particular, I consider the finite-volume two-body matrix elements with one current insertion, and review the recently proposed formalism for relating these to infinite-volume amplitudes. I will place emphasis on a new set of finite volume functions that emerge.

Primary authors

Alessandro Baroni (University of South Carolina) Dr David J. Wilson (School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin) Felipe Ortega (College of William and Mary) Dr Maxwell T. Hansen (CERN) Raul Briceno (ODU/JLab)

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