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10-14 September 2018
Michigan State University
US/Michigan timezone


The school starts on Monday, September 10, at 9:00 a.m. and ends on Friday, September 14, at noon.

Format: Lectures by local and visiting scientists will be given in the mornings. In the afternoons, students will form groups and work on projects aimed at learning to use COSY Infinity for ion optical design.

In the first two lectures of this series we will introduce the definitions and the formalism, followed by a presentation of ion-optical elements and their combination to more complex systems that every nuclear physicist will encounter during his or her experimental research work. Lecture three and four are dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the recoil separators St. GEORGE and SECAR, respectively. The analysis of experiments using spectrometers, recoil separators and many other electromagnetic analysis systems will require detailed knowledge of the applied ion-optical concepts. Practical examples will be discussed.

In the hands-on afternoon sessions we will introduce typical ion-optical and field-calculating code using the ion-optical code COSY Infinity that are used in the simulation and design of ion-optical systems. 

The summer school will provide a SECAR and a St. George option, lecturers will provide mentoring for these devices. Students are welcome to choose other systems, but would have to provide a working code prior to the school, and identify a mentor that supports them.

Groups will then choose a single ion optical device to work on. For this device a running simulation code is available, and the students will carry out projects aimed at learning to use the code using the running code as a starting point (modifying settings, adding elements, removing elements etc).