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Dec 3 – 7, 2018
Fermilab Wilson Hall: 1West M,F CuriaII T,W,Th
US/Central timezone
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"Physics Opportunities in the Near DUNE Detector Hall" is jointly organized by the Fermilab Theory Group and the CERN Theory Neutrino Platform to discuss physics opportunities in the DUNE Near Detector Hall at Fermilab.

The focus is on new physics, including dark matter, sterile neutrinos, new neutrino interactions, neutrino mass models, and leptogenesis as well as the more traditional neutrino-nucleus scattering  cross sections and oscillation physics.

With single phase ProtoDUNE running and DUNE and T2HK in the planning states, it is crucial to strengthen the ties between the theoretical and experimental communities in order to best leverage the current and upcoming neutrino experiments.

A Zoom connection was available for the talks. 

This workshop is supported by the Fermilab Theory Group and Fermilab Neutrino Physics Center.

Local organizers: Alan Bross, Kevin Kelly, Pedro Machado, Stephen Parke, Jessica Turner.

Fermilab Wilson Hall: 1West M,F CuriaII T,W,Th
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, IL