HFVMTF Cable Test Facility: First Workshop on User Interfaces

Denise Johnson, Gueorgui Velev (FNAL TD/MS)

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory  and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are together building a new High Field Vertical Magnet Test Facility (HFVMTF) for testing high-temperature superconducting cables in a high magnetic dipole field. The HFVMTF is jointly funded by the US DOE Office of Science’s Fusion Energy Sciences and High Energy Physics programs. HFVMTF will serve both communities as a superconducting cable test facility in high magnetic fields and in a wide range of temperatures.  

The purpose of the first workshop is to establish connections between prospective users and the facility design team. The primary goal will be to receive users’ feedback on facility specifications, mainly the sample holder and instrumentation interfaces, as well as on operating ranges for the samples in the test well.

The workshop will take place on half-days via Zoom on November 21-22.  


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