Apr 11 – 20, 2024
Instituto Principia
America/Sao_Paulo timezone

Arrival instructions



This is the cheapest option, which costs R$ 5.00 (around 1.00USD total). The Express train
leaves every hour on the hour (5 am, 6 am, etc) and the Express train takes 30 minutes from the airport station to the Barra Funda station. It then takes about 35 minutes by metro from the Barra Funda station to the hotel.

First you need to take a shuttle bus from the airport terminal you arrived at to the train station. GRU Airport offers free shuttle buses between the Terminals and the train station. Shuttle buses have the airport´s identification and stop at the arrival level of the terminals, at the sidewalk outside. Standby time is up to 15 minutes. Transfer opening hours are from
04:00am to 00:00am. Look for those information indications, as below:

For detailed information, check https://www.gru.com.br/en/passenger/to-from-gru-airport/transfer


At the train station “Aeroporto – Guarulhos”


Take the escalators, buy your ticket (it costs BRL 5.00– around one dollar) and go up to the platform of the Express train. The ticket office accepts only Brazilian reais (BRL).

The train leaves on the hour and will stop in four stations: Guarulhos – CECAP, Brás, Luz and Palmeiras-Barra Funda. Get off at the last one (Palmeiras-Barra Funda station). The São Paulo Metropolitan map shows all stations and connections. Guarulhos (GRU) is at the top right corner of the map.

At the train/subway station “Palmeiras-Barra Funda station”


Palmeiras-Barra Funda station has both train and subway platforms. When you get off the
train, look for the indications to the subway (metrô) platform.

Metrô instructions:

1. Take the red line of the subway (metrô) towards “Corinthians-Itaquera” and get off at “República” station;

2. At República station (metrô red line) transfer to the Yellow line towards “Vila Sônia” station;

3. Get off at the station “Paulista/Pernambucanas” and transfer to the Green line;

4. As you get off at Paulista/Pernambucanas, take the stairs and follow the signs to “Consolação” station (metrô green line). You will see a tunnel which leads you to Consolação (walk until the end of this tunnel. When the tunnel ends, you will be at the green line of the metro - Consolação)

5. At Consolação, take the metrô towards “Vila Prudente”;

6. Get off at the station “Trianon-Masp” and look signs for “Saída” (take escalators);

7. After the turnstiles, take the exit to “Saída - Alameda Rio Claro / Av. Paulista (par)”;

8. At the exit, turn backforth and walk through Avenida Paulista towards Rua Pamplona.Turn left on Rua Pamplona and go straight away to the Instituto Principia  (number 145) and the hotel (number 83), Rua Pamplona (7 minutes walk).



As you walk outside the terminal, you will see a line of buses - the Airport Bus Service. The bus fare costs around R$40,00 (approximately 8 USD). The ticket office is in the same area. Each bus has its destination noted on the front or side. The destination you have to take is ¨Paulista/Augusta¨ and get off at Hotel Tivoli at Alameda Santos, 1437 (it takes about 2 hours). From Hotel Tivoli you can reach the Instituto Principia and The Universe Flat by foot (12 minutes). Check the link for bus schedules: https://www.airportbusservice.com.br/





As you get out of the terminal, you will see buses and taxi companies, there is a company called Guarucoop (which we recommend). It is on the sidewalk just outside the airport and you can pay with credit card. The ride from the airport to the hotel will cost around 150 Brazilian reais (approximately 30USD). Addresses: Instituto Principia - Rua Pamplona 145 - Bela Vista - São Paulo; The Universe Flat - Rua Pamplona, 83 - Bela Vista - São Paulo. The trip should take 40-100 minutes depending on the traffic.




If you have a mobile phone, use the GRU airport wi-fi to request an Uber. The ride from the airport to the hotel will vary from 70-150 Brazilian reais (approximately 15-30 USD). The hotel address is:  Instituto Principia - Rua Pamplona 145 - Bela Vista - São Paulo; The Universe Flat - Rua Pamplona, 83 - Bela Vista - São Paulo. The trip should take 40-100 minutes depending on the traffic.