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9-11 January 2013
Argonne National Laboratory
US/Central timezone

List of registrants

134 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
adrian perez galvan ANL
Alan Prosser Fermilab
Amanda Weinstein Iowa State University
Andreas Jung Fermilab
Andreas Roelofs Center for Nanoscale Materials
Andrew Sonnenschein Fermilab
Andrey Elagin University of Chicago
Andy White University of Texas at Arlington
Andy Tiankuan Liu Southern Methodist University
Aseet Mukherjee Fermilab
Benjamin Zitzer Argonne National Lab
Blas Cabrera Stanford University
Bob Wagner Argonne National Laboratory
Bonnie Fleming Yale University
Brad DiGiovine Argonne National Laboratory
Brendan Casey Fermilab
Brian Rebel Fermilab
Burak Bilki University Of Iowa / Argonne National Laboratory
Carsten Hast SLAC
Chris Bebek LBNL
Chris Kenney SLAC
Christoph Wimmer National Instruments
Chunhui Chen Iowa State University
Craig Hogan University of Chicago
Craig Thorn BrookHaven National Lab
Dallas Wulf University of Wisconsin
Dan McKinsey Yale University
daniela bortoletto Purdue University
David Asner Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
David Christian Fermilab
David Hitlin Caltech
David Lissauer BNL
David Lynn Brookhaven National Laboratory
David MacFarlane SLAC National Accelerator Lab
David Nygren LBNL
David Underwood Argonne National Laboratory
Dong Su SLAC
Erik Ramberg Fermilab
Federico Izraelevitch Fermilab
Frank Krennrich Iowa State University
Gino Bolla Purdue University
Glen Crawford US Dept of Energy
Grzegorz Deptuch Fermilab
Gunther Haller SLAC
Gustavo Cancelo Fermilab
Hendrik Weerts Argonne National Laboratory
Henrik von der Lippe LBNL
Henry Frisch Enrico Fermi Institute, Univ. of Chicago
Himansu Sahoo Argonne National Laboratory
Howard Nicholson Argonne
Ian Shipsey Purdue
Isaac Childres Purdue Univeristy
Jae Yu University of Texas at Arlington
James Fast Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
James Kakalios University of Minnesota
James Russ Carnegie Mellon University
Jared Mehl Argonne National Lab
Javier Tiffenberg Fermilab
Jennifer Raaf Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Jennifer Seivwright Argonne National Laboratory
Jeremiah Mans University of Minnesota
Jerry Va'vra SLAC
Jiaming Yu University of Michigan
Jim Alexander Cornell University
Jinlong Zhang ANL
Jon Urheim Indiana University
Jonathan Paley Argonne National Laboratory
Jonathan Rosner University of Chicago
Jonghee Yoo Fermilab
Jose Repond Argonne National Laboratory
juan estrada Fermilab
Julia Thom-Levy Cornell University
Junjie Zhu University of Michigan
JUNQI XIE Argonne National Laboratory
Karen Byrum Argonne National Lab
Kent Irwin National Institute of Standards and Technology
Kurt Francis Argonne National Laboratory
Kyler Kuehn Argonne National Laboratory
Lauren Hsu Fermilab
Lei Xia Argonne National Laboratory
Leonard Spiegel Fermilab
Liang Guan University of Michigan
Lorenzo Uplegger Fermilab
Luciano Ristori Fermilab
malcolm derrick high energy physics argonne lab
Marcel Demarteau Argonne
Marcus Hohlmann Florida Institute of Technology
marina artuso syracuse university
Mark Convery SLAC
mark oreglia university of chicago
matt pyle University of California Berkeley
Matthew Wetstein University of Chicago/ANL
Mayly Sanchez Iowa State University/ANL
Michael Huffer SLAC
Michael Lindgren Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Michael Pellin Argonne National Laboratory
Michael Turner Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
Milind Diwan BNL
Minfang Yeh Brookhaven National Laboratory
Murdock Gilchriese Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Nicole Green Argonne
Norman Graf SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Paolo Privitera University of Chicago
Pavel Murat Fermilab
Peter Kim US Department of Energy
Peter Wilson Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Peter Winter Argonne National Laboratory
Priscilla Cushman University of Minnesota
Regina Rameika Fermilab
Ren-Yuan Zhu Caltech
Richard Talaga ANL
Robert Kutschke Fermilab
Robert Svoboda UC Davis
Robert Tschirhart Fermilab
Roger Rusack The University of Minnesota
Ronald LIpton Fermilab
Ryan Rivera Fermilab
Sally Seidel University of New Mexico
Sam Zeller FNAL
Satish Dhawan Yale University
Silvia Tentindo Florida State University
Stephan Meyer University of Chicago
Stephanie Majewski University of Oregon
Stephen Pordes Fermilab
Stephen Schnetzer Rutgers University
Steve Magill Argonne National Lab
Steve Nahn MIT
Steve Wagner University of Colorado
Ted Liu fermilab
Tom Shutt Case Western Reserve University
Ulrich Heintz Brown University
William Cooper Fermilab
Yasar Onel University Of Iowa
Zelimir Djurcic Argonne National Laboratory