18-22 May 2015
Wayne State University
US/Eastern timezone
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Wayne State University - C, McGregor

Hadronic Transitions above 4 GeV at BESIII


  • Dr. Xiao-Rui LYU

Primary authors

Abstract content

The BESIII Experiment at the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC2) collected large data samples for electron-positron collisions with center-of-mass above 4 GeV during 2013 and 2014. A number of hadronic transitions have been measured in these data samples, leading to a rather complex picture of the physics of charmonium above 4 GeV. In this talk we will present results for e+e- to pi0pi0J/psi (where the Y(4260) is seen in the cross section), as well as results for apparently more complex cross sections, such as e+e- to omega chic0 and eta J/psi, where structures are less apparent.