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2015 Lee Teng Practice Talks

B2100 (Argonne Bldg. 401)


Argonne Bldg. 401

    • 2:30 PM 2:35 PM
      Optimization of FAST Electron Gun Beam Parameters Using ASTRA 5m
      Speaker: Lucas Kang
    • 2:35 PM 2:40 PM
      Sub-100 nanoradian Calibration Device 5m
      Speaker: Benjamin Sheff
    • 2:40 PM 2:45 PM
      Gas-filled Hadron Monitor for Long Baseline Neutrino Facility 5m
      Speaker: Holly Dinkel
    • 2:45 PM 2:50 PM
      Solid State RF Power Amplifiers 5m
      Speaker: Christopher Fadden
    • 2:50 PM 2:55 PM
      Testing of Extinction Monitor Components 5m
      Speaker: Logan Rudd
    • 2:55 PM 3:00 PM
      Stability of Notch Filter for RF Feedback 5m
      Speaker: Trevor Vannoy
    • 3:00 PM 3:05 PM
      Simulation Studies of the Low Energy Injector at ASTA 5m
      Speaker: Tianyi Ge
    • 3:05 PM 3:10 PM
      Data Acquisition Script for Envelope Detector Module 5m
      Speaker: Jialun Luo
    • 3:10 PM 3:15 PM
      Mu2e Targeting Studies 5m
      Speaker: Takumi Matsuzawa
    • 3:15 PM 3:20 PM
      Development of Half-Wave Resonator 5m
      Speaker: Nathan Prins
    • 3:20 PM 3:25 PM