Aug 7 – 18, 2017
US/Central timezone

Workshops, tours and social events

Workshops and tours

There will be two workshops and three tours that will be offered after the day's class and working group activities on Monday and Wednesday of the first week (Aug 7 and 9), and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the second week (Aug 16 -- 18). In order to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in each of these activities, we have assigned participants to one of five tour groups. To find your group assignment, follow the "Tour group assignments" link in the navigation bar to the left. Please follow the schedule for your tour group to ensure that everyone is able to participate in each of the tours. 

Please note that tour participants must wear closed-toe shoes. No sandals or heels are allowed in the tour locations.

The following is a brief description of the tours and workshops.

Science communication training workhop

Communicating scientific concepts and results to the public and the media is a vital part of research, particularly publicly funded research. This session, titled How to Talk Science with Just About Anyone, will address the basics of science communication and offer tips for giving public presentations and media interviews. If you are interested in science outreach, this session will help you connect with a public audience and interest them in the fascinating, yet often complex work of particle physics.

Abstract writing workshop

This session will provide hands-on training in how to write an abstract for a conference (or paper) on your own research topic. In a small group lead by the lecturers and  Fermilab scientists, you will work on a draft for an abstract on a topic of your choice. We will then work collaboratively on improving and tuning the abstracts to perfection.

D0 and Tevatron tour

For over two decades, the CDF and DZero experiments took data at the energy frontier at the Tevatron collider. The DZero detector remains largely intact. This tour includes stops at the DZero assembly hall and control room, the Tevatron tunnel adjacent to the DZero detector, and culminates with the DZero detector and the collision hall.

Neutrino undergound tour

The NuMI beamline sends neutrino beams through detectors for several experiments, some of which are located in an underground area on-site. This tour takes attendees 300 feet down the access shaft to the NuMI tunnel and underground areas housing the MINERvA detector, and the near detectors for the MINOS and NOvA experiments.

Test Beam Facility tour

The Fermilab Test Beam Program provides flexible, equal, and open access to test beams for research and development of detector technologies. The facility uses two versatile beamlines to provide beam in a multitude of particle types and a range of energies, with which users can test equipment or detectors.  


Social events

We have scheduled the following after-class social events during the school:
  • A welcome reception to be held on Monday, Aug 7, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, in the Fermilab atrium. Everyone is invited to attend this event.
  • One optional casual dinner to be held at Fermilab on the first on Thursday, Aug 10. Those who purchased dinner tickets at registration will find them in their INSS2017 name badges. Tickets for the dinner can also be purchased in person until Tuesday, Aug 8 with cash or a US bank check to pay the $30 USD fee.
  • A reception for the poster session with the DUNE collaboration on Tuesday, Aug 15.
  • A BBQ on Thursday, Aug 17.