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8-12 October 2018
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
US/Eastern timezone


There are many parking options on campus.  Complete parking information is available here (

You may request a weekly parking pass in advance on the conference registration form for $12. All requests must be submitted BY Friday, 28 September 2018 at 12:00pm EDT. This parking pass will be good for the Wharton Center Parking Ramp (Ramp #3). The parking pass will need to be paid for upon check in at the conference by credit card. 

Parking close to the FRIB laboratory is available in ramp #1 (lot 51 - Shaw Lane Parking Ramp) directly across from the FRIB laboratory on a pay-by-plate basis

Pay by Plate Parking

“Pay by Plate” parking is now available at the following locations:

  • Grand River Parking Ramp (Ramp #6 = Lot 103)
  • Shaw Lane Parking Ramp (Ramp #1 = Lot 51)
  • Trowbridge Parking Ramp (Ramp #5 = Lot 102)

You must park in a space designated as a “Pay by Plate” parking space. Signage has been installed in these areas. Parking in a space not designated as ”Pay by Plate” parking may result in a parking violation.  Pay by Plate parking is a maximum of $19.80 per day and can only be paid for a maximum of 8 hours at once time (you will need to return to Pay by Plate kiosk to add time).

Example “Pay by Plate” parking space signage:

How does it work?

The “multi-space” meter is pay station kiosk designed for quick, easy, parking. The machine accepts multiple forms of payment, including cash, coins, and credit cards.

With “Pay by Plate” parking, you have an option to print a receipt after you pay, however, you do NOT need to return to your vehicle to display the receipt on your dashboard.

PLEASE NOTE: THE PAY STATION KIOSKS DO NOT PROVIDE CHANGE. If you are not paying with a credit card, or via the Spot On mobile payment app, please use exact change.

Mobile Payment App

A new payment alternative for “Pay by Plate” parking is available with the MSU Parking SPOT ON* app. The iOS and Android application (available as a web app for other mobile platforms) allows you to pay for a parking session fast and easy. For parking sessions initiated with the app, you can also extend your parking session if you need more time, without returning to the parking lot. Check out the SPOT ON website for additional information.