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8-12 October 2018
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
US/Eastern timezone

Scientific Programme

  • 1 - Thin films and foils preparation techniques

    Laser PVD, nano - and other innovative technologies, ...

  • 2 - Beam charge strippers (foil, liquid, gas, plasma)

    Foil, liquid, gas, plasma strippers

  • 3 - Isotopically enriched and radioactive targets

    Expensive isotopes, long-lived isotopes, targets for superheavy ion production

  • 4 - Liquid and Gas Targets

    Liquid metal and gas jet, ...

  • 5 - Targets for high intensity beams

    Radiation damage, thermomechanical constraints, ...

  • 6 - Target Characterization

    Nano - and microstructure, physical properties, radiation resistance

  • 7 - Targets for special applications (medical, industrial, controlled fusion)

    Medical, industrial, controlled fusion

  • 8 - Cryogenic and polarized targets