Workshop on Beam Acceleration in Crystals and Nanostructures

1 West (Fermilab)

1 West


Toshiki Tajima (UCI), Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL)

The concept of beam acceleration in solid-state plasma of crystals or nanostructures like CNTs has the promise of ultra-high accelerating gradients O(1-10) TeV/m, continuous focusing and small emittances of, e.g., muon beams and, thus, may be of interest for future high energy physics colliders. This "Workshop on Beam Acceleration in Crystals and Nanostructures" is to assess the progress of the concept over the past two decades and discuss the key issues toward proof-of-principle demonstration and next steps in theory, modeling and experiment.

The list of topics include:
  1. overview of the past and present theoretical developments toward crystal acceleration, ultimate possibilities of the concept
  2. concepts and prospects of PeV colliders for HEP
  3. effective crystal wave drivers : beams, lasers , other
  4. beam dynamics in crystal acceleration
  5. instabilities in crystal acceleration (filamentation, etc)
  6. acceleration in nanostructures (CNTs, etc)
  7. muon sources for crystal acceleration
  8. application of crystal accelerators (Xray sources, etc)
  9. steps toward "proof-of-principle" : 1 GeV gain over 1 mm, open theory questions, modeling and simulations
  10. possible experiments at FACET, FAST, AWAKE, AWA, or elsewhere

We plan to summarize the results of the Workshop and publish its Proceedings which will be co-edited by Profs. Gerard Mourou (Ecole Polytech, 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics), Toshiki Tajima (UCI), and Vladimir Shiltsev (Fermilab).

We invite you to attend the Workshop, which is supported by APS DPB, APS GPAP and ICFA ANA.
Sincerely, Toshi Tajima (UCI) and Vladimir Shiltsev (Fermilab)

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  • Aakash Sahai
  • Afnan Al Marzouk
  • Alex Lumpkin
  • Alexey Burov
  • Alister Tencate
  • Alvin Tollestrup
  • Bob Zwaska
  • Bradley Nicks
  • Carlo Maria Lazzarini
  • Chaojie Zhang
  • Crispin Contreras-Martinez
  • Daniil Frolov
  • David Neuffer
  • David Tarazona
  • Deano Farinella
  • Gennady Stupakov
  • J. Charles Thangaraj
  • Jinhao Ruan
  • Jonathan Jarvis
  • Jonathan Wheeler
  • Katsuya Yonehara
  • Kumar Pawan
  • Mark Palmer
  • Mike Syphers
  • Natalia Naumova
  • Richard Carrigan
  • Sahel Hakimi
  • Sebastian Szustkowski
  • Stepan Bulanov
  • Swapan Chattopadhyay (Chaterji)
  • Tanaji Sen
  • Toshikazu Ebisuzaki
  • Toshiki Tajima
  • Uli Wienands
  • Valeri Lebedev
  • Vitaly Yakimenko
  • Vladimir Nagaslaev
  • Vladimir Shiltsev
  • Zheng Gong