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Oct 2 – 4, 2019
Argonne National Laboratory
US/Central timezone

Participant List

42 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adam Martin University of Notre Dame
Ahmed Ismail Oklahoma State University
Andre de Gouvea Northwestern University
Andrea Isgro Northwestern University
Carlos Wagner ANL and University of Chicago
Chien-Yi Chen Northwestern University
Claudius Krause Fermilab
Daniel Wiegand Northwestern University/Argonne National Lab
Emanuele Mereghetti Los Alamos National Laboratory
Felix Kling SLAC
Frank Petriello Northwestern University
Geoffrey Bodwin Argonne National Laboratory
Ian Lewis University of Kansas
Ian Low Argonne/Northwestern
Jacob Ethier Vrije Universiteit / Nikhef
Jeong Han Kim University of Notre Dame
Jeremy Love Argonne National Lab
Jia Liu University of Chicago
Larry Nodulman Nodulman ANL
Manibrata Sen UC Berkeley and Northwestern University
Marcela Carena Fermilab
Matthew Herndon Univerersity Of Wisconsin - Madison
Michael Trott NBI
Nausheen Shah Wayne State University
Nina Coyle University of Chicago
Radja Boughezal Argonne National Laboratory
Sergei Chekanov ANL
Smita Darmora Argonne National Laboratory
Susanne Westhoff Heidelberg University
Thomas LeCompte Argonne National Laboratory
Tim Tait UC Irvine
Tobias Neumann Illinois Institute of Technology / Fermilab
Tom Melia Kavli IPMU
Vallary Bhopatkar ANL
Walter Hopkins Argonne National Laboratory
William Shepherd Sam Houston State University
Xiangpeng Wang ANL
Xiaoping wang Argonne National Lab
Zack Sullivan Illinois Institute of Technology
Zelimir Djurcic Argonne National Laboratory
Zhen Liu University of Maryland