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Energy Frontier Workshop - Open Questions and New Ideas


The GOAL of this first community workshop is to discuss "open questions" and "new ideas" to develop a focused physics program that will define the strategy and activities of the Energy Frontier during Snowmass 2021. The "open questions" and "new ideas" will also help define the letters of intent and contributed papers within the Energy Frontier. The invited plenary talks are expected to focus on the theme of this workshop and help us identify the gaps in previous work, highlight new ideas which can be explored by the proposed energy-frontier machines,  and outline strategies to answer the main open questions.  Plenty of time is allocated for discussion with the community. During this meeting we will also hear from the Monte Carlo Task Force about the needs and the strategy for MC production.

Update July 24, 2020 - Recording are becoming available. The links are provided in the timetable with the presentation. The container with all recordings is also available in the docdb folder at the link

Zoom connection details for all plenaries, Early Career Sceintist Chat and closeout panel:

Meeting ID: 983 4783 4702
Passcode: 153946

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EF01-EF04: (with auto-captioning enable by


Meeting ID: 930 4806 0070
Passcode: 004374

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Meeting ID: 983 4783 4702
Passcode: 153946