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Plenary talks

Plenary talks will take place live on Zoom. Our conveners have prepared an exciting program for all four topical groups:  

Neutrino Physics: 

  • Special topic: Art McDonald -- on the 20 years of solar neutrinos at SNO

  • Irina Mocioiu -- theory overview

  • Liangjian Wen -- experimental overview

  • Anne Schukraft -- on accelerator-based oscillation experiments

  • Louis Strigari -- on coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering

Electro-Weak Symmetry Breaking and Higgs: 

  • Andrea Wulzer -- Theoretical overview

  • Heather Russel -- EW experimental overview (ATLAS+CMS)

  • Matteo Presilla -- BSM experimental overview (ATLAS+CMS)

  • Ramona Groeber -- BSM effects in di-Higgs production

  • Ayres Freitas -- Electroweak precision physics

Flavor and Precision Physics:

  • Yuval Grossman -- theory overview 

  • Guy Wilkinson -- experimental overview

  • Ferruccio Feruglio -- on flavor symmetries

  • Gundrun Hiller -- on the theoretical status of the B anomalies

  • Julián García Pardiñas -- on the experimental status of the B anomalies

  • Jason Crnkovic -- First results from the Muon g-2 experiment

Astroparticle Physics:

  • Tim Linden -- theory overview

  • Anna Franckowiak -- experimental overview 

  • Graeme Addison -- on the H0 tension

  • Ana Bonaca -- on dark matter and the GAIA mission

  • Chiara Mingarelli -- on gravitational wave results from NANOGrav