Scientific Programme

  • Neutrino Physics

    Theories of neutrino masses and mixing; long-baseline oscillation experiments; short-baseline oscillation experiments; atmospheric neutrinos; reactor neutrinos; solar neutrinos; searches for sterile neutrinos; neutrino-nucleus cross sections; direct neutrino mass measurements; neutrino-less double beta decay.

  • Electroweak Interactions

    Experimental results, searches, and bounds; precision electroweak studies; Higgs physics; supersymmetry and alternative theories studies and experimental signatures; analyses of future collider prospects.

  • Flavor and Precision Physics

    Theories of flavor and CP violation; theoretical tools for precision physics; lepton flavor violation; B-factories; electric dipole moments; (g-2); other precision experiments at low energies; rare decays; low-energy CP violation; proton decay; neutron-antineutron oscillation.

  • Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

    Supernova neutrinos; neutrinos in cosmology; ultra-high energy cosmic neutrinos; direct and indirect searches for dark matter; new dark matter candidates; baryogenesis and leptogenesis; the cosmic microwave background; cosmological observations; dark energy; inflation.