Oct 5 – 8, 2020
US/Central timezone
Captions are available at https://us.ai-live.com/CaptionViewer/Join/thirdparty?sessionId=USFERM0810B . Default meeting times are in US Central Daylight Time (UTC-5). Zoom connection information has been sent to registered participants.

Guide for CPM Attendees

Table of Contents

  1. Support
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Meeting Structure Overview
  4. Meeting Details
  5. Slack Discussions
  6. Spontaneous Discussions and Meetings

1. Support

If you have questions about the meeting which are not answered on the documentation here in Indico, please don’t hesitate to contact the local organizers either by emailing [email protected] or sending a message on the channel #cpm_help on the Snowmass2021 Slack.

2. Code of Conduct 

Snowmass is an APS process. All participants of the CPM must agree to follow the APS Code of Conduct (as verified at registration). Additionally, DPF has developed a set of Core Principles and Community Guidelines (CP&CG, see here for details), which participants must agree to follow. These documents apply to in-person and online interactions and apply to all Snowmass activities.

2.1 Names Displayed on Zoom and Slack

Please take note of the section of the CP&CG pertaining to identifying yourself:

Identify yourself. As in a personal conversation, owning your thoughts and actions is important.  Therefore, upon joining the slack workspace, modify your profile to use your chosen name that makes you uniquely identifiable in the same way that a nametag at a conference would do.  This need not be your birth name or legal name and you are welcome to include your pronouns. In a meeting, state your name.

We request that for the CPM you apply this principle to Zoom as well as to Slack. If your Zoom account is set to display as your email address or a login name, we ask that you change it to your chosen name. 

3. Meeting Structure Overview

All times in the documentation are listed in US Central Daylight Time (UTC-5, CDT). Note that if you set Indico to show times in the event time, they will display in US Central. The current time in the meeting’s time zone can be seen here. The meeting hours are 11 am to 4 pm CDT daily, with one special session from 9 am to 10 am CDT on Thursday Oct 8th. These hours were selected in consultation with the US community. A Program-at-a-glance is available. All sessions will utilize Zoom as a platform. 

3.1 Plenary Sessions

The plenary sessions on Mon Oct 5th, Wed Oct 7th and Thu Oct 8th will utilize a Zoom webinar.  The link for the webinar has been posted to the Indico webpage. There will be daily emails providing the webinar connection information to registered participants starting on Sunday Oct 4th and running through the rest of the meeting. Note that the passwords will only be distributed via email. 

Please check your email and spam folder for these distributions. 

3.2 Breakout Meetings

Parallel breakout meetings will take place from 11 am to 4 pm on Tuesday Oct 6th and 12:15 pm to 4 pm on Wednesday Oct 7th, using a set of Zoom Meetings that are scheduled by the conference organizers.  Links to individual rooms are included in the “Links to Sessions” tab and emailed to all participants prior to the breakout sessions. The passwords will also be distributed to all registered participants via email prior to the breakout sessions.

For Security purposes, the direct zoom links including passwords cannot be posted on the public website. 

3.3 Indico

The official times of sessions and talks are maintained in the indico timetable. The parallel breakout meetings are organized by Zoom room and can be best viewed by enlarging the browser and selecting the “Full Screen” option on the timetable. A time-ordered flat view is available here.

3.4 Slack

Conversation and discussion at the CPM will largely take place on the Snowmass 2021 Slack (snowmass2021.slack.com). If you do not already have an account for the Snowmass 2021 Slack, please follow the instructions here.

4. Meeting Details

4.1 Plenary Sessions Webinar

The plenary webinars will begin broadcasting five minutes prior to the start of the session. Attendees are encouraged to connect early, as it takes some time for all attendees to connect once the webinar begins. 

The plenary sessions will be recorded. Closed captioning will be available on a separate page during the zoom session, provided in real time by AI-Media captioning service. 

A Zoom webinar will be used for all plenary sessions of the CPM. During these Zoom webinar sessions, attendees can

  • Listen to the talk from the current speaker as well as see their video 

  • Raise questions or comments in the Q&A window, for the session moderators to bring up during the Q&A time

  • Some sessions will have a Q&A period directly after the talk, others will collect the Q&A for several speakers for the end of the session.

Attendees will NOT be able to:

  • See a list of other attendees connected

  • See questions asked by attendees other than by themselves

  • Participate in chat over Zoom

  • Unmute or enable their video

 Attendees are encouraged to use channels in the Snowmass 2021 Slack dedicated for CPM plenary sessions (channel names are listed in the Indico schedule and begin with “#cpm_plenary) to ask further questions and chat with other meeting attendees about the plenary topics. These discussions will be part of the meeting record.  

4.1.1 Q&A during plenaries

We encourage questions during the plenary webinar sessions, although discussion will be limited to immediate speaker responses. In order to manage the question and answer portion of plenary presentations,  all questions during the session will be moderated by the session chair, time permitting, from the set of written questions submitted by session attendees. 

Questions may be submitted by either of the following methods:

  • (Preferred) Enter directly into the Q&A window of the webinar. A button to open this window can be found in the controls for the webinar zoom window.

  • Post the question to the Slack channel for the session. The channel name (which will have the form #cpm_plenary_xxxx, where “xxxx” indicates the session / topic area) can be found after the title on the indico schedule for the session, and on the introductory slide for each plenary session. If entering a question via Slack, please preface the question with @<speaker name> so that the CPM organizing team can identify the post as a question to the speaker.  

At the end of each plenary presentation, all submitted questions will be posted to the Slack channel for the session to allow for additional answers and follow-up discussion. Speakers are encouraged to address all posted questions. 

Each question will be posted separately. To facilitate readability of traffic on the channel, please limit discussion on a particular question to the thread for that question.

4.2 Breakout Sessions

Regular zoom meetings are used for parallel breakout sessions. More detailed instructions specific to Zoom Hosts and Session Organizers of Breakout Sessions can be found here

4.2.1 Timing for sessions 

  • The Zoom Host starts the meeting at least 15 minutes prior to the start of a session.  The waiting room is enabled to ensure the organizers can enter and get setup. 

  • The Session Organizers and Speakers should arrive at the Zoom meeting at least 10 minutes minutes before the start of the block of sessions in which they are participating.  When they arrive in the waiting room, the Zoom Host will admit them

  • In cases where there are multiple sessions without a break, all Session Organizers and Speakers should arrive early to ensure admittance to the room.

  • The waiting room will be dismissed and participants will be admitted at least 2 minutes prior to the start of the session

4.2.2 Transitioning between sessions 

  • Most sessions are adjacent to a break. If the formal session ends but additional conversations occur, that is ok and encouraged as part of the CPM.

  • 15 Minutes prior to the start of the next session, the Session Organizers need to end the discussion so that the Zoom Host can begin coordinating with the next session.

  • The Zoom Host is empowered to end the session in accordance with the timetable such that the next session may start.

  • As with in-person meetings, several meeting sessions may be adjacent to other sessions. Session Organizers must keep these on time to be respectful of the time of other colleagues. As noted earlier, when multiple sessions are adjacent without a break, the Session Organizers and Speakers for both sessions should report to the zoom room prior to the start of the first session.

  • Several breakout sessions can use the same Zoom room back-to-back,. Please note your parallel session’s start and end times to make sure that you have joined the right zoom room at the right time. 

4.2.3. Interacting during sessions

The Session Organizer will run the session and is responsible for keeping the session on time.

During breakout meetings:

  • Chat and video will be enabled. 

  • The participant list will be visible to the attendees.

  • During Q&A or discussion periods, Attendees should use the Raise Hand feature and wait for recognition from the Session Organizer to speak. 

  • The attendees also have the option of using the chat window to introduce questions or comments, and to communicate with all meeting participants, or any specific meeting participant. 

5. Slack Discussions

Much of the discussions around the CPM will occur on the Snowmass 2021 Slack. Channels dedicated to discussion around the CPM have names beginning with “#cpm.” For instance:

  • #cpm_break for discussions during scheduled breaks

  • #cpm_banter for general “lobby-type” conversations

  • #cpm_help for obtaining assistance from the local organizing committee on technical and logistical matters

Dedicated discussion channels for plenary sessions all begin with “#cpm_plenary” (e.g. #cpm_plenary_strategies_and_plans) and are encouraged for use for questions and discussion about talks as outlined in section 4.1.1. Breakout session organizers may also have started channels for discussion of their particular breakout and will typically also begin with “#cpm_topic.” CPM-dedicated channels will be archived at some point after the CPM ends but will still be available as part of the meeting record and accessible on the Snowmass 2021 Slack. Spontaneous voice chat between participants can also be initiated within Slack as described in the next section.  

6. Spontaneous Discussions and Meetings

We want to encourage colleagues to interact during the CPM and nourish new ideas. The following options are available for impromptu meetings during the CPM.

  • For 1-1 individual verbal conversations, we encourage using the “call” feature within Slack 

  1. Click on “Direct Messages” and the + symbol
  2. Type the name of the colleague you want to talk to
  3. In the upper right, click the telephone symbol “Call #person using slack”
  • For planned followup discussions, we encourage individuals to organize a Zoom meeting which can be advertised in the chat.

  • When time permits, the break period following sessions can be used to have additional conversations.


The structure of the meeting was informed by the experiences of our colleagues navigating the virtual world of 2020. The Neutrino 2020 Conference and FNAL Users Meeting served as models for organizing and running large virtual meetings. The ICHEP 2020 Practical Handbook helped us model this Participant Guide.