NuInt12 is the eighth in a series of workshops concentrating on low-energy, neutrino-nucleus interactions. The goal of the whole series is to bring theorists and experimentalists from the nuclear and high-energy community together to address the many challenges to understanding these complex interactions. This edition will be the first in Latin America, showing the scientific growth of the field.

After reviewing the motivation for these studies and the ongoing experimental efforts, the topic of nuclear effects will be introduced and each of the neutrino-nucleus scattering channels that contribute in the low-energy regime will be covered.

Recent scattering results from oscillation experiments as well as the potential of experiments specifically designed to study these interactions will be discussed. The work of both nuclear and high-energy theorists to provide improved theoretical descriptions of these channels will also be reviewed.

NuInt12 will consist of sessions covering the following topics:

Session 1. Summary of NuInt11 and goals of NuInt12

Session 2. Electron scattering and Meson Exchange

Session 3.CC and NC quasi-elastic scattering

Session 4.Pion production and other inelastic processes

Session 5.Deep and shallow inelastic scattering, quark hadron duality

Session 6. Systematic effects on CP violation measurements

Session 7. Confronting theory and experiments, event simulators.

Session 8. Very low energy neutrino interactions

Session 9. Future experiments.

Session 10. Path forward and future prospects

Session 11. Posters

Considerable time for discussion is being planned into these sessions.

We invite you to attend NuInt12 to continue the study of these important interactions.


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