RCNP E398 experiment C,O(p,p') to measure \gamma ray branching ratio (E>5MeV) from the giant resonances of carbon and oxygen in relation to the \gamma ray production in C,O(\nu,\nu').

Oct 25, 2012, 6:00 PM
1h 30m
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Mr Iwa Ou (Okayama University)


We plan to measure the branching ratios of \gamma-ray emission (E_\gamma >5 MeV) from giant resonance of ^16O and ^12C, as the functions of excitation energy (E_x). This measurement will provide the fundamental and important information not only for the \gamma-ray production from primary neutral-current neutrino-oxygen (-carbon) interactions but also for that from the secondary hadronic (neutron-oxygen and -carbon) interactions. The understanding of the \gamma-ray production will introduce a new neutrino detection method to Supernova neutrino physics and Neutrino oscillation physics. In the second stage, we would like to perform O,C(He,t) (T=1) experiment at 0 degrees to continue the systematic study of spin-isospin response through the measurement of the \gamma-ray production with oxygen and carbon nuclei. Ref. [1] T.Mori, M.Sakuda, A.Tamii, H.Toki, M.Nakahata, and K.Ueno, Study of \gamma-ray production from neutral-current neutrino-Oxygen interaction and the detection of the neutrino from Supernova explosion, AIP Conf. Proc.1269, 418-420, 2010. [2] A.Ankowski,O.Benhar,T.Mori,R.Yamaguchi,and M.Sakuda, Analysis of \gamma-ray production in neutral-current neutrino-oxygen quasi-elastic interactions above 200 MeV, Phys.Rev.Lett.108,052505(2012).

Primary author

Mr Iwa Ou (Okayama University)


Prof. Makoto Sakuda (Okayama University) Mr Takaaki Mori (Okayama University) Dr Takatomi Yano (Okayama University)

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