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Participant List

74 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Abigail Peake
Akeem Hart Queen Mary University of London
Alan Watson University of Birmingham (GB)
Alexander Booth Queen Mary University of London
Andra Pirvu PPD, RAL, STFC
Andrew Blake Lancaster University
Andrew Chappell University of Warwick
Andrew McNab University of Manchester
Anežka Klustová Imperial College London
Anthony Ezeribe University of Sheffield
Anyssa Navrer-Agasson University of Manchester
Artur Sztuc University College London
Asher Kaboth RHUL
Callum Reynolds
Carlos Chavez Barajas University of Liverpool (GB)
Christopher Townsley STFC RAL
Christos Touramanis University of Liverpool
Claire Shepherd-Themistocleous RAL
David Cussans University of Bristol
Dennis Lindebaum University of Bristol
Dominic Brailsford Lancaster University
Elena Gramellini University of Manchester
Gary Barker University of Warwick
Giles Barr Oxford University
Gordon Crone University College London
Gwenn Mouster Lancaster University
Ioannis Xiotidis Imperial College (GB)
Isobel Mawby Lancaster University
Jaroslaw Nowak Lancaster University
Jim Brooke University of Bristol
John Back University of Warwick
John Marshall University of Warwick
Jonas Rademacker
Jonathan Lewis UKRI-STFC
Juraj Bracinik University of Birmingham
Justin Evans University of Manchester
Kang Yang University of Oxford
Kate Richards STFC
Komninos-John Plows University of Oxford
Kunal Kothekar University of Bristol (GB)
Leigh Whitehead University of Cambridge
Liban Warsame Imperial College London
Linda Cremonesi Queen Mary University of London
Linhui Gu Lancaster University
Marcio Adames UTFPR
Marco Roda University of Liverpool
Maria Brigida Brunetti University of Warwick
Martisse Foster University of Bristol
Matthew Osbiston University of warwick
Melissa Uchida University of Cambridge
Michal Rigan University of Sussex
Morgan Wascko Imperial College London
Naseem Khan Imperial College London
Nicola McConkey University College London
Patrick Dunne Imperial college London
Pawel Guzowski University of Manchester
Peter Ratoff Lancaster University
Pierre Lasorak Imperial College London
Pip Hamilton Imperial College
Praveen Kumar The University of Sheffield
Rhiannon Jones University of Sheffield
Ryan Nichol University College London
Sandeep Gopalam STFC - UK
Shion Kubota Harvard University / University of Manchester
Shyam Bhuller University of Bristol
Simon Peeters University of Sussex
Simranjit Singh Chhibra Queen Mary University of London
sotirios vlachos University of Manchester
Stefan Soldner-Rembold University of Manchester
Steve Dennis University of Cambridge
Stoyan Trilov
Sudan Paramesvaran University of Bristol
Tiago Alves Imperial College London
Vitaly Kudryavtsev University of Sheffield