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Muon Collider Higgs Factory Mini-Workshop

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 from to (US/Central)
at Fermilab ( Curia II, Wilson Hall )
Batavia, IL 60510 USA

The MAP Collaboration will host a mini-workshop to discuss the concept of a Muon Collider operating at the Higgs resonance, and discuss the challenges associated with this approach. A Muon Collider can provide s-channel production of the Higgs and can measure the Higgs mass and width to high accuracy, particularly if the muon polarization is used to calibrate the collision energy. The muon collider approach has unique challenges in beam intensity, muon collection, cooling and acceleration and in detector design and background management. Exploration of these challenges will be initiated in preparation for further development in the 2-day UCLA Higgs Factory Collider Workshop, which will be held in early 2013. The output of this workshop will also contribute to presentations and discussions on the muon-muon Higgs Collider option at CSS2013.


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  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012
    • 08:30 - 10:10 Muon Collider Higgs Factory Introduction
      Convener: Jean-Pierre Delahaye (SLAC)
      • 08:30 Welcome 10'
        Speaker: Dr. Pier Oddone (Fermilab)
      • 08:40 Workshop Goals and Critical Issues 20'
        Speaker: Dr. Mark Palmer (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 09:00 Physics Motivation 30'
        Speaker: Dr. Estia Eichten (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 09:30 Scenario Overview and Options 30'
        Speaker: Dr. David Neuffer (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 10:00 Discussion 10'
    • 10:10 - 10:30 Coffee Break
    • 10:30 - 11:30 Proton Source (various options) and Target
      Convener: Dr. Ronald Lipton (Fermilab)
      • 10:30 Project X Proton Source 15'
        Speaker: Dr. Keith Gollwitzer (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 10:45 Superconducting Rapid Cycling Synchrotron as High-Power Proton Source 15'
        Speaker: Henryk Piekarz (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 11:00 Proton Source Options 15'
        Speaker: Dr. Charles Ankenbrandt (Muons, Inc.)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 11:15 Discussion 15'
    • 11:30 - 12:45 Cooling Channel and Acceleration
      Convener: Dr. Charles Ankenbrandt (Muons, Inc.)
      • 11:30 Cooling Channel Designs 20'
        Speaker: Dr. Robert B Palmer (Brookhaven National lab)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 11:50 Helical Cooling Channel Options 20'
        Speaker: Katsuya Yonehara (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 12:10 Acceleration Scheme with Project X Linac 20'
        Speaker: Dr. Valeri Lebedev (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 12:30 Discussion 15'
    • 12:45 - 14:00 Lunch ( Universe ( Cafeteria ) )
    • 14:00 - 15:25 Collider Ring
      Convener: Dr. David Neuffer (Fermilab)
      • 14:00 Higgs Factory Collider Ring 15'
        Speaker: Dr. Pavel Snopok (IIT/Fermilab)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 14:15 Updated Higgs Factory Collider Ring Design 25'
        Speaker: Yuri Alexahin (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 14:40 Energy Measurement with Polarization 15'
        Speaker: Dr. Rajendran Raja (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 14:55 Plasma Lens 15'
        Speaker: Stephen Kahn (Muons Inc)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 15:10 Discussion 15'
    • 15:25 - 16:10 Detector and Background
      Convener: Dr. Pavel Snopok (IIT/Fermilab)
      • 15:25 Background Simulation 20'
        Speaker: Nikolai Terentiev (Carnegie Mellon U, USA)
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 15:45 Detector Considerations 25'
        Speaker: Dr. Ronald Lipton (Fermilab)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
    • 16:10 - 16:30 Coffee Break
    • 16:30 - 17:00 Detector and Background
      Convener: Dr. Pavel Snopok (IIT/Fermilab)
      • 16:30 Polarization and Detector Comments 15'
        Speaker: Alain Blondel (DPNC Université de Genève)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file
      • 16:45 Discussion 15'
    • 17:00 - 17:40 DISCUSSION on Options for a Staged Approach (MASS) - Moderated by J.P. Delahaye 40'
      Speaker: Jean-Pierre Delahaye (SLAC)
      Material: Slides powerpoint file Snowmass report word file pdf filedown arrow
    • 17:40 - 18:00 Plans for a Report at the Snowmass Workshop plus other HF Related Meetings 20'