Jan 17 – 21, 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone


From Tuesday through Friday, the meetings will take place in the University’s “Main Building” (Hauptgebäude). On Saturday, the meetings will take place in the “Exact Sciences” (Exakte Wissenschaften, or ExWi) building. Please see the below map, where the buildings are labelled 4 and 5, respectively. Both buildings look out onto a large open area called the Grosse Schanze, and have southerly views overlooking the city and the Alps in the distance. The buildings are above Bern’s main train station (Bahnhof): stairs or an elevator will lead you through the building and up to the Schanze, where you can find the main buildings. Directions from the train platforms are as follows:

  • Take the stairs from the platform down to the passageway

  • from there, follow the signs "Universität Bern" to the elevators. (If you arrive in the main hall of the station, you have taken the wrong way!)
    Take the elevator – or walk – up to the 4th floor (top floor), which will bring you outside, where you are now on the Grosse Schanze. The main university building should be just behind you.

Campus Map

Tuesday through Friday, the meetings will take place in rooms 101, 105, and 104 in the main building. Entering into the building from the main entrance on the south side (overlooking the Schanze), proceed through the entrance and up one story to the first floor. From the staircase, proceed to the left (east) and you will find our rooms, which are all in the east wing of the building. Signs should be posted to help you find your way.


On Saturday, the last day of the MicroBooNE meeting, we will be in room B5 of ExWi. I won’t try to explain how to get there: get to the building, and we will have signs/people directly you where to go.

We will have ReadyTalk connections available for external connections. Connection numbers will be provided in the agenda pages.

University of Bern main building

For further information about the University and City visit: