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7-9 February 2017
Radisson Hotel Lansing
US/Eastern timezone

List of registrants

135 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adam Jacobs Michigan State University
Agatino Musumarra University of Catania and LNS-INFN
Alex Deibel Michigan State University
Alex Dombos NSCL / MSU
Alfredo Estrade Central Michigan University
Amber Lauer Louisiana state University
Andre da Silva Schneider California Institute of Technology
Ani Aprahamian University of Notre Dame
Anna Simon University of Notre Dame
Artemis Spyrou NSCL/MSU
Athanasios Psaltis McMaster University
Benoit Cote Michigan State University / University of Victoria
Brent Glassman NSCL/MSU
Brian O'Shea Michigan State University
Bryce Frentz University of Notre Dame
Carl Fields Michigan State University
Carolyn Clarkson University of Victoria
Cathleen Fry MSU/NSCL
Chris Sullivan MSU/NSCL
Chris Wrede MSU/NSCL
Christian Ritter University of Victoria
Christopher Seymour University of Notre Dame
Clementine Santamaria NSCL, MSU
Dan Bardayan University of Notre Dame
Daniel Robertson University of Notre Dame
Dany Page Instituto de Astronomia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Devin Silvia Michigan State University
Devin Whitten University of Notre Dame
Donald Willcox Stony Brook University
Duane Lee Vanderbilt / Fisk University
Duncan Galloway Monash Centre for Astrophysics, Monash University
Edward Brown Michigan State University
Edward Cackett Wayne State University
Eric Deleeuw Michigan State University
Erika Holmbeck University of Notre Dame
Evan Scannapieco Arizona State University
Falk Herwig University of Victoria
FNU Shubhchintak Texas A&M University Commerce
frank timmes asu
Gabriele-Elisabeth Koerner NuPECC
Georgios Perdikakis Central Michigan University
Giordano Cerizza National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL)
Grant Mathews University of Notre Dame
Gwenaëlle Gilardy Notre Dame
Hendrik Schatz MSU NSCL JINA
Hesham Mansour Cairo University
huaqing mao University of Minneapolis
Ian Roederer University of Michigan
Ilka Petermann Arizona State University
Ina K. Kullmann MSU (UiO)
Ingo Tews INT Seattle
Jaclyn Schmitt Michigan State University
Jacob Davison Central Michigan University
Jacob Elliott Central Michigan University
Jason Clark Argonne National Laboratory
Jeff Blackmon Louisiana State University
Jennifer Ranta Michigan State University
Jerry Hinnefeld Indiana University South Bend
Jinmi Yoon University of Notre Dame
John Wise Georgia Institute of Technology
Jonas Lippuner Caltech
Jonathan Barney NSCL
Jorge Pereira National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Juan Carlos Zamora Cardona NSCL
Justin Browne Michigan State University
Kaitlin Rasmussen University of Notre Dame
Konrad Schmidt National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Kristyn Brandenburg Ohio University
Kuo-Chuan Pan Michigan State University
Lan Nguyen University of Notre Dame
Laura Nuttall Syracuse University
Lena Simon JINA-CEE
Luis Morales University of Notre Dame
Luke Roberts Michigan State University
MacKenzie Warren Michigan State University
Mallory Smith National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Manoel Couder University of Notre Dame
Maria Barrios Sazo Stony Brook University
Maria Grazia Pellegriti INFN
Matthew Caplan Indiana University
Matthew Hall University of Notre Dame
Maxime Brodeur University of Notre Dame
Micha Kilburn University of Notre Dame
Michael Deaton North Carolina State University
Michael Famiano Western Michigan University
Michael Wiescher University of ND
Mohammadtaher Safarzadeh Arizona State University
Moshe Friedman MSU NSCL
Nada Eisa University of Dammam
Neerajan Nepal Central Michigan University
Oeyvind Svendsen Universitet i Oslo
Oleg Korobkin Los Alamos National Lab
Panagiotis Gastis Central Michigan University
Patrick O'Malley University of Notre Dame
Pavel Denisenkov University of Victoria
Pierre Morfouace NSCL
Pranjal Tiwari Michigan State University
Rachael Merritt Wayne State University
Rachel Titus MSU/NSCL
Rana Ezzeddine MIT
Rekam Giri Ohio University
Remco Zegers NSCL/MSU
Richard J. deBoer University of Notre Dame
Rick Sarmento ASU
Rodney Orford McGill University
Ryan Connolly Michigan State University
Sam Austin MSU
Samuel Andrea Giuliani Tu Darmstadt
Santosh Gaire Central Michigan University
Sara Ayoub NSCL/MSU
Sean Couch Michigan State University
Shane Moylan University of Notre Dame
Shirley Li The Ohio State University
Shiv Kumar Subedi Ohio University
Shree Neupane Central Michigan University
Simin Mahmoodifar NASA/GSFC
SOM PANERU Ohio University
Stephanie Lyons National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Stylianos Nikas Central Michigan University
Sunghoon (Tony) Ahn JINA-CEE/NSCL
Tamas Budner Michigan State University
Terri Poxon-Pearson Michigan State University
Timothy Beers University of Notre Dame
Trenton Kuta University of Notre Dame
Trevor Sprouse University of Notre Dame
Tuguldur Sukhbold The Ohio State University
William Newton Texas A&M University-Commerce
William Porter University of Notre Dame
Xiaodong Tang Institute of Modern Physics
Yangping Shen China Institute of Atomic Energy
yaofeng zhang nscl, msu
Yonglin Zhu North Carolina State University
Zac Johnston Monash University
Zachary Nabor University of Illinois at Chicago
Zbigniew Chajecki Western Michigan University