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19-21 June 2018
US/Central timezone

Registrants List

524 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Aakaash Narayanan Northern Illinois University
Aaron Bercellie University of Rochester
Aaron Sauers Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Abhishek Bakshi Fermilab
Adam Lister Lancaster University
Adam Lyon Fermilab
Adi Ashkenazi Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Adrian Orea Fermilab
Adrienne Hahn Fermilab
Afroditi Papadopoulou MIT
Ajib Paudel Kansas State University
Alan Bross Fermilab
Alan Hahn FNAL
Alan Stone U.S. Department of Energy
Albert Stebbins Fermilab
Aleena Rafique Kansas State University
Alejandro Diaz Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alessandra Lucà FERMILAB
Alexander Flesher Colorado State University
Alexander Herrod The Cockcroft Institute/University of Liverpool
Alexander Himmel Fermilab
Alexander Radovic College of William and Mary
Alexandre Sousa University of Cincinnati
Alfred Goshaw Duke University
Alvin Tollestrup FNAL
Alyssa Garcia Brandeis
Amber Lenon Fermilab
Amy Bender Argonne National Laboratory
Anatoly Evdokimov UIC
Andrei Gaponenko Fermilab
Andrei Lunin FNAL
Andres Alba Northern Illinois University
Andrew Beretvas Fermilab (retired)
Andrew Lambert Fermilab
Andrew Mogan University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Andy C. Y. Li Fermilab
Ankur Agrawal The University of Chicago
Anna Chennault Olivet Nazarene University
Anna Heggestuen University of Minnesota Duluth
Anna Mazzacane Fermilab
Anna rose Polish Yale University
Anne Norrick The College of William and Mary
Antigoni Georgiadou Florida State University
Antonella Masini Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Antonella Palmese Fermilab
Aria Soha Fermilab
Aristeidis Tsaris Fermilab
Aron Soha Fermilab
Ashley Back Iowa State University
Avto Kharchilava SUNY at Buffalo
Bahareh Roozbahani suny Buffalo
Barbara Kronkow Fermilab
Beatriz Tapia Oregui University of Texas at Austin
Bjoern Penning Brandeis University
Bo Jayatilaka Fermilab
Bob Hirosky Virginia
Bob Zwaska Fermilab
Bogdan Dobrescu Fermilab
Bonnie Fleming Yale University
Bradford Benson Fermilab
Brandon Pelayo Fermilab
Brendan Kiburg Fermilab
Brenna Flaugher Fermilab
Brian Nord Fermilab
Brian Rebel Fermilab
Brian Yanny FNAL
Brooks Mcmaster Baylor University
Bruce Baller Fermilab
Bruce Brown Fermilab/Accelerator Div/Main Injector Dept
Bruce Howard Indiana University
Burt Holzman FNAL
Caleb Smith Baylor University
Carl Albright Northern Illinois University and Fermilab
Carla Bonifazi Instituto de Física - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Carrie McGivern FNAL
Caterina Vernieri Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Catherine Ayuso SeaQuest
Catherine Cassell University of Maryland - College Park
Catherine James Fermilab
Cecilia Gerber UIC
Chandrashekhara Bhat Fermilab
Charles Lane Drexel University
Cherri Schmidt Fermilab
Chris Quigg Fermilab
Christine Ader Fermilab
Christopher Hilgenberg Colorado State University
Cindy Joe Fermilab ND/Operations
Claire Laffan Yale University
Colin Fallon University of Rochester
Colton Hill The University of Manchester
Cory Rude University of Iowa
Craig Drennan Fermilab
Craig Hogan Fermilab and U. Chicago
Craig McClure Fermilab
Craig Moore Fermilab
Cristian Arcola FermiLab
Cristiana Principato University of Virginia
Dan Bauer Fermilab
Dan Green Fermilab
Daniel Carber Iowa State University
Daniel Noonan Florida Institute of Technology
Daniele Pasciuto NIU
Daniil Frolov Fermilab
Daralyn Fulton Fermilab
Dat Tran Regis University
Dave Hoppert Fermilab
David Caratelli Fermilab
David Christian Fermilab
David Finley Fermilab
David Flay University of Massachusetts, Amherst
David Hedin Northern Illinois University
David Mason FNAL
David Neuffer Fermilab
David Schmitz University of Chicago
David Sweigart Cornell University
David Tarazona Michigan State University
Davio Cianci Columbia University
Deb Sebastian Fermilab
Deborah Harris Fermilab
Deepika Jena FERMILAB
Dennis Nicklaus Fermilab
Derek Doyle Colorado State University
Derun Li LBNL
Diktys Stratakis Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Dmitri Denisov Fermilab
Dmitrii Torbunov University of Minnesota
Don Summers Univ. of Mississippi
Don Athula Wickremasinghe University of Pittsburgh
Donald Geesaman Argonne National Laboratory
Donald Isenhower Abilene Christian University
Donatella Torretta Fermilab
Donna Hicks FNAL
Dorlus Wydglif Fermilab
Doug Glenzinski Fermilab
Douglas Tucker Fermilab
E. Craig Dukes University of Virginia
Elena Gramellini Yale University
Elizabeth Hall MIT
Elizabeth Meador Fermilab
Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy FNAL
Eloise De Castelnau Fermilab
Emma Castiglia Yale University
Emrah Tiras Iowa State University
Eric Prebys Fermilab
Eric Stern FNAL
Erica Snider Fermilab
Erik Ramberg Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Erika Catano Mur Iowa State
Eugene "JJ" Schmidt Fermilab
Evan Niner Fermilab
Fang Han University of Kentucky
Fawzi Abusalma University of Minnesota
Federico Berlfein Brandeis University
Fernanda Psihas Olmedo Indiana University / University of Texas at Arlington
Frank Chlebana Fermilab
Fred Bernthal Universities Research Association
Fredrick Gray Regis University
Gabriel Perdue Fermilab
Gabriele Benelli Brown University
Gavin S. Davies Indiana University
George Ginther Fermilab
Gerald(Jerry) Blazey Northern Illinois University
Gianantonio Pezzullo Yale University
Gianni Tassotto FNAL
Giorgio Bellettini University and INFN, Pisa
Giulio Stancari Fermilab
Giuseppe Cerati Fermilab
Gleb Lukicov University College London
Gonzalo Díaz Bautista University of Rochester
Gordon Koizumi Fermilab
Grace Cummings Virginia Commonwealth University
Greg Derylo FNAL
Gregorio Bernardi LPNHE Paris
Gregory Bock Fermilab
Gregory Snow University of Nebraska
Griselda Lopez FNAL
Gueorgui Velev FNAL TD/MS
Guilherme Lima Fermilab
Gustavo Valdiviesso Universidade Federal de Alfenas
Hang Su University of Pittsburgh
Hannah Binney University of Washington
Hannsjoerg Weber Fermilab
Hans Wenzel Fermilab
Harald Johnstad Argonne National Laboratory
Harry Cheung Fermilab
Hector Mendez University of Puerto Rico
Hema Ramamoorthi Fermilab
Herbert Greenlee Fermilab
Herman White Fermilab
Howard Budd Rochester
Hunter Sullivan University of Texas at Arlington
Igor Rakhno Fermilab
Igor Volobouev Texas Tech University
Irene Dutta California Institute of Technology
Irwin Gaines Fermilab
Ivan Lepetic Illinois Institute of Technology
Jackson O'Donnell Fermilab
Jacob Todd University of Cincinnati
Jake Noltensmeyer Texas Tech University
Jamal Johnson Fermilab
James Amundson Fermilab
James Annis Fermilab
James Hylen Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
James Patrick Fermilab
James Santucci FNAL
james simone Fermilab
Jarrett Moon MIT
Jason Poh University of Chicago
Jason St. John Fermilab
Javier Tiffenberg Fermilab
Jean-Francois Caron University of Houston
Jean-Francois Ostiguy FNAL
Jeffrey Appel Fermilab
Jeffrey Kleykamp University of Rochester
Jen McCarthy Fermilab
Jennifer Raaf Fermilab
Jesse Batko Fermilab
Jessica Thompson Fermilab
Jimin George University of Texas at Austin
Jin-Yuan Wu Fermilab
Jiyeon Han University of Pittsburgh
Joe Grange Argonne National Lab
John Marraffino FNAL
John Marriner FNAL
John Marsden Abilene Christian University
John Peoples Fermilab
Jonathan Lewis Fermilab
Jonathan Paley Fermilab
JoRee LaFrance Fermilab
Jorge Morfin Fermilab
JoseManuel Hernandez Fermilab
Joseph Zennamo Fermilab
Josh Helsper Fermilab
Joshua Einstein-Curtis FNAL
Joshua LaBounty University of Washington
Joshua Sobrin The University of Chicago - KICP
Julia Hinds Appalachian State University
Julian Badillo rojas FRA
Juliana Whitmore Fermilab
Julie Hogan Bethel University
Justin Hugon Louisiana State University
Justin Vasel Indiana University
Jyoti Tripathi Panjab University and Fermilab
Kai Yi University of Iowa
Kamal Lamichhane Texas Tech University
Kamile Lukosiute Brandeis University
Kaori Maeshima Fermilab
Karen Perez Sarmiento Macalester College
Karie Badgley Fermilab
Karol Lang University of Texas at Austin
Kate Ciampa University of Minnesota
Katherine Woodruff New Mexico State University
Kathleen Yurkewicz Fermilab
Katsuya Yonehara Fermilab
Keith Gollwitzer Fermilab
Kenichi Hatakeyama Baylor University
Kenneth Cecire University of Notre Dame
Kenneth Herner Fermilab
Kevin Burkett Fermilab
Kevin Martin Fermilab
Kevin McFarland University of Rochester
Kevin Siehl Wayne State University
Kim Siang Khaw University of Washington
Kirsty Duffy Fermilab
Kiyomi Seiya Fermilab
Konstantin Goulianos Rockefeller University
Kreswell Neely Kansas State University
Kristen Schumacher University of Virginia
Krzysztof Genser Fermilab
Kuang Wei University of Chicago
Kurt Riesselmann Fermilab
Larry Nodulman Nodulman ANL
Laura Fields Fermilab
Laura Gomez bermeo Sergio Arboleda University
Laura Kelton University of Kentucky
Lauren Hsu Fermilab
Lauren Yates Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Leif Gellersen Lund University
Leonard Apanasevich University of Illinois at Chicago
Leonard Spiegel FNAL
Leonidas Aliaga Soplin Fermilab
LeRayah Neely-Brown Fermilab
Lita Scott Fermilab
Logan Rice Northern Illinois University
Louise Suter FNAL
Lu Ren New Mexico State University
Luca Bonaldo University of Padua
Lucy Nobrega Fermilab
Lukasz Kadlubowski AGH University, Krakow
Luke Pickering Michigan State University
Lynn Garren Fermilab
Mandy Rominsky Fermilab
Manolis Kargiantoulakis Fermilab
Manuel Zanabria Wilbur Wright College
Maral Alyari Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Marcel Demarteau Fermilab
Marcelle Soares-Santos Brandeis University
March Marisa University of Pennsylvannia
Marco Mambelli Fermilab
Marco Verzocchi Fermilab
Marcos Araque Fermilab
Marcus O'flaherty University of Sheffield
Marek Zielinski Rochester
Margherita Vittone Wiersma FNAL
Marguerite Tonjes University of Illinois, Chicago
Maria Acosta Fermilab
Maria Martinez-Casales Iowa State University
Maria Elidaiana da Silva Pereira Brandeis University
Marilyn Wells Fermilab
Mark Lancaster UCL
Marta Cehelsky URA
Martin Makler Brazilian Center for Physics Research
Marvin V. Ascencio Sosa Potificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP)
Mary Convery Fermilab
Mary Anne Cummings Muons, Inc.
Mateus F. Carneiro Oregon State University
Matt Crawford Fermilab
Matthew Judah Colorado State University
Matthew Sawtell FNAL
Matthew Toups FNAL
Maura Barone Fermilab
Maury Goodman Argonne
Md Forhad Hossain New Mexico State University
Megan Splettstoesser Fermilab
Meghna Bhattacharya University of MIssissippi
Mehreen Sultana University of Rochester
Melissa Ormond Fermilab
Mete Yucel Fermilab
Micah Groh Indiana University
Michael Albrow Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Michael Arenton University of Virginia
Michael Crisler Fermilab
Michael Daugherity Abilene Christian University
Michael Diesburg Fermilab
Michael Geelhoed Fermilab DI/IARC
Michael Kirby FNAL
Michael Mooney Colorado State University
Michael Tartaglia Fermilab Technical Division
Michael Wallbank University of Cincinnati
Michelle Stancari Fermilab
Midhat Farooq University of Michigan
Mike Eads Northern Illinois University
Mike Kordosky William and Mary
Mike Syphers Northern Illinois University / Fermilab
Mikel Zemborain Fermilab
Minerba Betancourt Fermilab
Mitchell Schneller Abilene Christian University
Mohammad Alhusseini University of Iowa
Monica Nunes UNICAMP
Nabin Poudyal Wayne State University
Nam Tran Boston University
Natalie Wright Yale University
Nathaniel Rowlands Abilene Christian University
Nhan Tran Fermilab
Nicholas Kinnaird Boston University
Nick Amato Northern Illinois University
Nicole Arredondo Grinnell College
Nigel Lockyer Fermilab
Nikita Kuklev University of Chicago
Nikolai Terentiev UF, USA
Nikolay Kuropatkin Fermilab
Nitish Nayak University of California, Irvine
Noemi Glaeser Fermilab
Nora Sherman Fermilab
Ohkyung Kwon KAIST
Oliver Gutsche Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Omar Al Atassi Fermilab
Ornella Palamara Fermilab
Padma Akella Fermilab
Patricia Vahle W&M
Patrick Bedard Reed College
Patrick Fox Fermilab
Paul Derwent Fermilab
Paul Grannis Stony Brook University
Paul Mantsch FNAL
Paul Nienaber Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Paul Reimer Argonne National Laboratory
Paul Russo FNAL
Pavel Murat Fermilab
Pedro Machado Fermilab
Peter Garbincius Fermilab
Peter Mazur Fermilab
Peter Shanahan Fermilab
Peter Winter Argonne National Laboratory
Petra Merkel Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Phil Adamson FNAL
Philip Schlabach FNAL
Polina Abratenko University of Michigan
Pradeep Jasal FERMILAB
Prakash Thapa Wayne State University
Pranava Teja Surukuchi Illinois Institute of Technology
Prudhvi raj varma Chintalapati Northern Illinois University
Qizhong Li Fermilab
Rachel Osofsky University of Washington
Rachitha Mendis Kansas State University
Rahmat Rahmat SCC
Ramirez Delgado Alejandro Universidad de Guanajuato
Randy Thurman-Keup Fermilab
Raquel Castillo Fernandez Fermilab
Raul Campos Fermilab
Raymond Tomlin FNAL UC
Reddy pratap Gandrajula Michigan State University
Remington Thornton LANL
Richard Bonventre Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Richard Carrigan Fermilab
Rijeesh Keloth Cochin University of Science and Technology
Rob Fine University of Rochester
Rob Kutschke Fermilab
Rob Roser Fermilab
Robert Abrams Muons, Inc.
Robert Bernstein Fermilab
Robert Harr Wayne State Universtiy
Robert Harris Fermilab
Robert Hatcher Fermilab
Robert Tschirhart Fermilab
Roberto Mandujano University of Cincinnati
Roger Dixon Fermilab
Roger Galindo Orjuela Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Rory Fitzpatrick University of Michigan
Roy Rubinstein Fermilab
Roy Salinas Abilene Christian University
Roza Doubnik Mechanical Engineer
Ryan Murphy Indiana University
Sahar Allam Fermilab
Salman Tariq Fermilab
Sam Childress Fermilab
Sam Zeller FNAL
Samuel Cano Texas Tech University
Samuel Johnson Bethel University
Samuel Mcdermott FNAL
Saori Pastore LANL
Sarah Cousineau SNS/ORNL
Sarah Tuttle University of Washington, Seattle
Sean-jiun Wang University of Florida
Sebastian Aderhold Fermilab
Sebastian Sanchez Iowa State University
Sergei Nagaitsev FNAL
Sergey Belomestnykh Fermilab
Sezen Sekmen Kyungpook National University
Shih-kai Lin Colorado State University
Shuichi Kunori Texas Tech University
Sijith Edayath Cochin University of Science and Technology / Fermilab
Silvia Zhang Boston University
Silvia Zorzetti Fermilab
Simon Custer Yale University
Simon Samuroff Carnegie Mellon University
Simona Rolli DOE
Simone Marcocci Fermilab
Soon Yung Jun Fermilab
Sowjanya Gollapinni University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Stacey Vassallo Fermilab
Stefan Gruenendahl Fermilab
Stefan Mueller HZDR
Stefan Soldner-Rembold University of Manchester
Stephen Hahn FNAL
Stephen Kent Fermilab
Stephen Parke Fermilab
Steve Geer FNAL
Steve Werkema Fermilab
Steven Calvez Colorado State University
Stoyan Stoynev FNAL
Stuart Fuess Fermilab
Sudeshna Ganguly University Of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Sujit Bidhar FNAL
Suleyman Durgut University of Iowa
Susan Dittmer University of Illinois at Chicago
Tabitha Halewood-leagas University of Liverpool
Tamer Elkafrawy ASRT
Tammy Walton Fermilab
Taritree Wongjirad Tufts University
Taryn Imamura Fermilab
Tejin Cai University of Rochester
Teppei Katori Queen Mary University of London
Thomas Brooks University of Sheffield
Thomas Carroll University of Texas at Austin
Thomas Diehl fnal
Thomas Fitch Abilene Christian University
Thomas Kobilarcik FNAL/AD/EBD
Thomas Roberts Muons, Inc.
Thomas Strauss FNAL
Ting Miao FNAL
Tomonari Miyashita Caltech
Twymun Safford Fermilab
Tyler Rehak Drexel University
Tyrone Whitmore-Wilson Fermilab
Tyson Mcguire University of Cincinnati
Umeshwar Joshi Fermilab
V. Daniel Elvira Fermilab
Vaia Papadimitriou Fermilab
Valery Kapin FNAL
Valery Stanley Fermi Research Alliance, LLC
Vanessa Peoples Fermilab
Varuna Crishan Meddage KSU, Microboone
Vassili Papavassiliou NMSU
Vic Scarpine Fermilab
Victoria Parrish Mount Holyoke College
Violet Shamo Fermilab
Vitaly Pronskikh Fermilab
Vito Di Benedetto Fermilab
Vito Lombardo Fermilab
Vladimir Nagaslaev Fermilab
Wanwei Wu Fermilab
Wasikul Islam Oklahoma State University/Argonne National Lab
Wes Gohn University of Kentucky
Wesley Ketchum Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
William Badgett Fermilab
William Boroski Fermilab
William Higgins Fermilab
William Marsh Fermilab
William Wester Fermilab
Xuan Chen University of Illinois at Chicago
Yagmur Torun Illinois Institute of Technology
Yiyang Ou University of Chicag
Yuanyuan Zhang Fermilab
Yves Ngenzi Abilene Christian University
Yvette Luna Guerra Fermilab
Zelimir Djurcic Argonne National Laboratory
Zhen Hu Fermilab
Zhuowen Zhang University of Chicago