We continue to review all events currently planned for the next sixty days and organizers will be notified if their event must be canceled, postponed, or held remotely. Please, check back on Indico during this time for updates regarding your meeting specifics.
As DOE O 142.3A, Unclassified Foreign Visits and Assignments Program (FVA) applies not only to physical access to DOE sites, technologies, and equipment, but also information, all remote events hosted by Fermilab must comply with FVA requirements. This includes participant registration and agenda review. Please contact Melissa Ormond, FVA Manager, with any questions.

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The Local Organizing Committee for ISVHECRI 2010:

Henry D. Glass, glass@fnal.gov, Fermilab
Jeanmarie Guyer, Fermilab
Lawrence W. Jones, lwjones@umich.edu, University of Michigan, co-Chair
Paul M. Mantsch, mantsch@fnal.gov, Fermilab
Peter O. Mazur, mazur@fnal.gov, Fermilab, co-Chair
Cynthia Sazama, Fermilab
Pierre Sokolsky, ps@cosmic.utah.edu, University of Utah
Todor Stanev, stanev@bartol.udel.edu, Bartol Research Institute
Suzanne M. Weber, Fermilab
John P. Wefel, wefel@phunds.phys.lsu.edu, Louisiana State University
Gaurang Yodh, yodh@yodh.ps.uci.edu, University of California, Irvine; Bartol University 


International Advisory Committee
Jean-Noel Capdevielle     U. Paris 7, France       capdev@apc.univ-paris7.fr
Ralph Engel    Karlsruhe, Germany                       ralph.engel@ik.fzk.de
Lawrence Jones                U. Michigan, U.S.A.      lwjones@umich.edu
Paolo Lipari                        U. Rome 1                     paolo.lipari@roma1.infn.it
Yuqian Ma                           IHEP, Beijing, China    mayq@mail.ihep.ac.cn
Akinori Ohsawa                 Japan                              ohsawa@icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Bryan Pattison                   CERN, Geneva, Switzerland    bryan.pattison@cern.ch
Valery Rubakov                  Moscow, Russia            rubakov@inr.ac.ru
Oscar Saavedra                 Torino, Italy                     saavedra@to.infn.it
Suresh Tonwar                  TIFR, Mumbai, India     Tonwar@tifr.res.in

Emulsion Chamber Committee
Alexander Borisov              Russia                           borisov@sci.lebedev.ru
Jean-Noel Capdevielle    Paris, France                 capdev@apc.univ-paris7.fr
Andreas Haungs              Germany                          haungs@ik.fzk.de
Lawrence Jones               U.S.A.                               lwjones@umich.edu
Janusz Kempa                  Poland                             kempa@pw.plock.pl
Yuqian Ma                          China                               mayq@mail.ihep.ac.cn
Rauf Mukhamedshin       Russia                             muhamed@sci.lebedev.ru
Akinory Ohsawa               Japan                               ohsawa@icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Bryan Pattison                  CERN                               bryan.pattison@cern.ch
Vitaly Puchkov                   Russia                             puchkov@sci.lebedev.ru
Leonidas Resvanis         Greece                             leonidas.resvanis@cern.ch
Oscar Saavedra                Italy                                   saavedra@to.infn.it
Edison Shibuya                 Brazil                                shibuya@ifi.unicamp.br
Masonobu Tamada         Japan                                tamada@cr.phys.titech.ac.jp
Suresh Tonwar                 India                                  tonwar@tifr.res.in