Shuttle Bus to and from Hotel

Hello! Following is information regarding the shuttle service the Symposium is providing from Pheasant Run Resort to Fermilab and back to Pheasant Run. There will be one am service and one pm service. No lunch time service. The bus leaves for Fermilab at 7:45 am. Do not be late or you will have to take a taxi.

Please find a schedule for the shuttle bus here. This is a yellow school bus. It will have a sign in the window (hopefully next to the door) stating the bus is for ISVHECRI10 and is going to Fermilab. It will pick-up/drop-off attendees at the main entrance to the Resort, where you checked-in. The ride is anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes but should get you to Fermilab early enough each morning to have breakfast at the Fermilab Cafeteria.

The bus will drop you off in the horseshoe in front of Wilson Hall. The Symposium will be held on the first floor – Atrium level in a room called One West. The Symposium Secretariat is located just past One West. We have posted orange signs that state Registration with an arrow pointing the way. Follow those signs.

On Monday, June 28 after sessions there is a reception on the 15th floor of Wilson Hall. The reception ends at 7:30 pm and the bus will take attendees back to Pheasant Run. There is no earlier bus.

On Tuesday, June 29 the bus will depart shortly after sessions end. It states 5 pm but should you run longer it will depart 10 minutes after sessions end.

On Wednesday, June 30 the bus will depart shortly after the Colloquium Lecture ends. The schedule states 5 pm but more than likely will run longer depending on the number of questions. The bus will depart 10 minutes after the lecture ends.

On Thursday, July 1 there will be two buses after sessions end. One bus will take attendees directly to Pheasant Run should they NOT be attending the dinner at Chez Leon, located on-site at the Users Center. The second bus will take attendees to Chez Leon for dinner. The bus will wait for the dinner to end which will be approximately 9 pm and then return everyone to Pheasant Run.

On Friday, July 2 the bus will depart Fermilab for Pheasant Run 10 minutes after the Joint Experimetnal-Theoretical Seminar (locally known as the Wine & Cheese Seminar).

The Pheasant Run Resort front desk will have the shuttle bus schedule and you will get a copy of the schedule when you check in.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you and save travels. See you Monday!

Suzanne M. Weber
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Conference Office
P. O. Box 500, M.S. #113
Batavia, IL 60510-5011
Phone: 630/840-3177
Fax: 630/840-8589