We continue to review all events currently planned for the next sixty days and organizers will be notified if their event must be canceled, postponed, or held remotely. Please, check back on Indico during this time for updates regarding your meeting specifics.
As DOE O 142.3A, Unclassified Foreign Visits and Assignments Program (FVA) applies not only to physical access to DOE sites, technologies, and equipment, but also information, all remote events hosted by Fermilab must comply with FVA requirements. This includes participant registration and agenda review. Please contact Melissa Ormond, FVA Manager, with any questions.

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Instructions for Authors

Uploading Slides for Oral Presentations

Please upload the slides for your presentation as soon as possible. Instructions for uploading presentation materials are found in the Indico help files.

Acceptable presentation formats are Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2003 (Windows) and PDF. Other file formats, e.g., PowerPoint for Macintosh or KeyNote, are not guaranteed to be compatible with our display hardware. If you use one of these alternative formats, we urge you to also submit a PDF file as a backup.

Please note that you will not be able to project the slides from your own computer. All slides will be projected from the Symposium host computer from the files that have been uploaded to Indico. We strongly recommend that you upload your slides well before the start of your scheduled session so that we have time to check for any technical problems. Please contact Hank Glass (glass@fnal.gov) if you need technical assistance.

Preparation of Manuscript for the Proceedings

We are pleased to announce that we will be using the eConf Electronic Conference Proceedings Archive for publication of the ISVHECRI 2010 Proceedings. We encourage all authors to submit manuscripts for these Proceedings, even if you were unable to attend the Symposium because of visa problems or other difficulties. In this case, manuscripts will be published at the discretion of the editors.

Your manuscript may be prepared in either MS Word or in LaTeX. The editors have a preference for LaTeX, but either format is acceptable. Templates for both formats are available for download from
www.auger.org/ISVHECR2010/ISVCHECRI_templates.zip. The templates themselves include detailed instructions on how to use them for preparing your manuscript.

We request that you adhere to the following page limits, although a request to increase the limits may be granted by the Editor on a case-by-case basis:
  • Oral contributed papers - 4 pages
  • Posters - 4 pages
  • Invited talks < 30 minutes - 6 pages
  • Invited talks < 45 min - 8 pages
  • Invited talks >= 45 min - 10 pages
Deadline for submission of manuscripts has been extended to 31 Oct 2010. Please submit the Word document or the LaTeX source file(s). You should also submit a PDF if you are using LaTeX so we can check that we are properly processing the source file. Manuscripts should be uploaded by clicking on "My Contributions" in the Symposium website navigation menu (you will need to log in first using your Indico account). Click on the title of your contribution, and then click on the "manage material" button. Under "add new material" select "paper" in the Type drop-down menu, then click browse to select your file, and then click submit. You may upload more than one file by selecting the desired number from the number-of-files drop down menu.

Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Editorial Board (Dr. Bryan Pattison, editor). The editors will work with you to coordinate any recommended changes to your manuscript. Once the manuscripts have been processed, we will post the URL where the Electronic Proceedings may be viewed.

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to ISVHECRI 2010.