Getting into Fermilab

If you are not taking the shuttle bus from Pheasant Run, you will find the following information helpful on entering Fermilab:

You may enter Fermilab from any of the three gates. There is one located off Route 59 in Warrenville on Batavia Road. There are two located on Kirk Road in Batavia. One is on Pine Street and the other is Wilson Street. I suggest that you use either the Kirk Road or Batavia Road.

The guards are aware that there is a Symposium taking place next week and should have a list of all registrants. You should not have a problem entering Fermilab.

Do be sure you have your driver’s license or passport with you as the security guard may ask to see a photo id. They may also ask you what your purpose is at Fermilab and you just need to tell them you are here to attend the Symposium (give the title or acronym).

People can park anywhere as long as it isn’t marked as handicap, one hour/two hour/15 minute parking. Do keep in mind that Fermilab has a lot of extra people with the summer here and parking will be tight. We have plenty of spaces they just might not be close to the building.