Aug 20 – 24, 2017
US/Eastern timezone

Program Overview

Program Overview (PDF)

IBIC 2017 Invited Orals

Overview and Commissioning  
  Diagnostic Challenges at LCLS-II and Lessons Learned from LCLS-I at SLAC Patrick Krejcik (SLAC)
  Overview of the Diagnostics of the ELI-NP Gamma Beam System: Challenges for the Electron-Photon Interaction Point Diagnostics Andrea Mostacci (Rome University La Sapienza)
  An Overview of Beam Instrumentation Results and Commissioning from the PIP-II Injector Test Accelerator at Fermilab Victor Scarpine (Fermilab)
  Status of the FRIB Project Jie Wei (FRIB)
BPMs and Beam Stability  
  Optics Measurements at SuperKEKB Using Beam Based Calibration for BPM and Beam Based Experiment Hiroshi Sugimoto (KEK)
Time-Resolved Diagnostics and Synchronization  
  Precision Large Scale Synchronization System at the European XFEL Cezary Sydlo  (DESY)
  High Repetition-Rate Electro-optic Sampling: Recent Studies Using Photonic Time-Stretch Serge Bielawski (PhLAM/CERCLA)
  Beam Diagnostics for the AWAKE Experiment Mikhail Martyanov (CERN)
Beam Loss Detection and Machine Protection  
  Field Emission in Superconducting Accelerators: Instrumented Measurements for Its Understanding and Mitigation Rong-Li Geng (Jlab)
Beam Profile Monitors  
  Simulation and Progress in Ionization Profile Monitors for High Intensty Proton Beam Kenichiro Satou (KEK)
  The LHC Beam Gas Vertex Detector - a Non-Invasive Profile Monitor for High Energy Machines Sotiris Vlachos (CERN)
Machine Parameter Measurements  
  Minimizing Errant Beam at SNS Charles Peters (ORNL)
  Characterizing the Coupled Bunch Driving Terms in a Storage Ring Katherine Harkey (ANL)

IBIC 2017 Tutorials

  Beam Measurements Using Schottky Noise Analysis Peter Forck (GSI)
  Large-Scale. Long-Term Stable, Femtosecond Timing Distribution Franz Xaver Kaertner (CFEL)
  Beam Diagnostics Overview and Challenges for Low-Energy, Low-Intensity Beams Carsten Peter Welsch (Cockroft Instritute)

IBIC 2017 Public Lecture

  Development of the Electromagnetic MOP Arden Warner (FNAL)