CMS EFT workshop at the LPC

Hornet's nest (WH8X) (Fermilab)

Hornet's nest (WH8X)


Daniel Spitzbart (Boston University), Garyfallia Paspalaki, Jennet Dickinson (Fermilab), Jonathan Wilson (Baylor University), Michael Schmitt (Northwestern University), Nick Smith, Robert Schofbeck (HEPHY Vienna), Titas Roy (University of Illinois at Chicago)

We invite you to a two-day event to organize and enable interested collaborators at the LPC towards delivering a comprehensive Run-3 EFT fit across the TOP, SMP, and HIG analysis groups in CMS. The event will include one day of talks, including invited speakers from the broader community, as well as a CMS session with representatives from each analysis group towards building a plan for Run-3 EFT analyses. The other day will be dedicated to hands-on tutorials on effective strategies for generating EFT-weighted simulations as well as how to build efficient EFT-parameterized likelihood models in the CMS Combine tool.

Please note that the deadline for registration for in-person participants is Monday August 7, 2023, and the registration will automatically initiate business visitor access requests for participants who are not Fermilab users/affiliates or employees. Make sure you monitor the email address associated with your registration for time-sensitive instructions.

For in-person participants, a $50 registration fee will cover the coffee breaks. Information about access to the Fermilab site and lodging near Fermilab can be found in the menu. 

Organizing Committee:

Daniel Spitzbart (Boston)
Garyfallia Paspalaki (Purdue)
Jennet Dickinson (Fermilab)
Jonathan Wilson (Baylor)
Michael Schmitt (Northwestern)
Nick Smith (Fermilab)
Robert Schofbeck (HEPHY Vienna)
Titas Roy (UIC)

LPC Events Committee:

Irene Zoi (Fermilab)
Gabriele Benelli (Brown University, Co-chair)
Chris Madrid (Fermilab, Co-chair)

LPC Coordinators:

Kevin Black (UW Madison)
Bo Jayatilaka (Fermilab)

Coffee consultant: Connor Moore (Notre Dame)

The ZOOM link is available to registered participants in the event materials below, and was sent in an email titled "[Indico] CMS EFT Workshop at the LPC logistics"

Event Registration
  • Aashwin Basnet
  • Abhijith Gandrakota
  • Adam Martin
  • Alberto Belvedere
  • Amandeep Kaur
  • Anas Saleh
  • Andrea Piccinelli
  • Andrei Gritsan
  • Andrew Wightman
  • Andy Jung
  • Benoit Assi
  • Beren Ozek
  • Bivu Wagle
  • Bo Jayatilaka
  • Brent Yates
  • Cecilia Gerber
  • Christopher Madrid
  • Cole Kampa
  • Corrinne Mills
  • Daniel Elvira
  • Daniel Spitzbart
  • David Yu
  • Easton Poniewaz
  • Eddie McGrady
  • Gabriele Benelli
  • Garyfallia Paspalaki
  • Giacomo Zecchinelli
  • Honor Hare
  • Innes Bigaran
  • Irene Dutta
  • Irene Zoi
  • Jeffrey Berryhill
  • Jeffrey Davis
  • Jennet Dickinson
  • John Lawrence
  • Jon Wilson
  • Jonathan Samudio
  • Joshua Ruderman
  • Justin Marquez
  • Kelci Mohrman
  • Ken Bloom
  • Kenichi Hatakeyama
  • Kevin Lannon
  • Lindsey Gray
  • Lingqiang He
  • Marguerite Tonjes
  • Michael Schmitt
  • Nicholas Manganelli
  • Nick Smith
  • Philip Chang
  • Raghad Badawi
  • Raghav Kansal
  • Ricardo Escobar Franco
  • Robert Schofbeck
  • Saptaparna Bhattacharya
  • Sara Dawson
  • Sergio Sanchez CRuz
  • Stephen Mrenna
  • Susan Dittmer
  • Titas Roy
  • Tongguang Cheng
  • Ulascan Sarica
  • Yongbin Feng
  • Yulun Miao
Reception and Dinner headcount
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