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8-10 April 2013
Napa Valley, CA
US/Central timezone

List of registrants

83 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alessandro Ratti LBNL
Alexander Valishev Fermilab
Alexander Zlobin Fermilab
Alexey Burov AD/RR
Arno Godeke Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Arup Ghosh Brookhaven National Laboratory
Binping Xiao Brookhaven National Lab
Claudio Rivetta SLAC
Daniel Cheng LBNL
Daniel Dietderich LBNL
Emanuela Barzi Fermilab
Eric Colby U.S. Department of Energy
Eric Prebys Fermilab
Ezio Todesco CERN
Franck Borgnolutti LBNL
Fred Nobrega FNAL
GianLuca Sabbi LBNL
Gianluigi Arduini CERN
Giorgio Ambrosio FNAL TD/MSD
Giorgio Apollinari Fermilab
Giulio Stancari Fermilab
Helene FELICE Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
HyeKyoung Park Old Dominion University
Ian Pong LBNL
Igor Tropin Fermilab
ILKYOUNG SHIN University of Connecticut
Jean Delayen Old Dominion University
ji qiang LBNL
John Byrd Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
John Cesaratto SLAC
John Dusatko SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
John Fox SLAC
Joseph Calvey Cornell University
Kristin Pollock SLAC
Lucio Rossi CERN
Marc Buehler Fermilab
Marc Kaducak Fermilab
Mariusz Juchno CERN
Maxim MARCHEVSKY Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Miao Yu Fermilab
michael anerella BNL
Miguel Furman LBNL
Min-Huey Wang SLAC
Nikolai Mokhov Fermilab
Oliver Bruning CERN
Ozhan Turgut SLAC, Stanford University
Paolo Ferracin CERN
Peter Wanderer Brookhaven Lab
Qiong Wu Brookhaven National Lab
Rama Calaga CERN
Ramesh Gupta BNL
Reiner Denz CERN
Rob van Weelderen CERN
Rocio Olave Old Dominion University
Rodger Bossert Fermilab
Sergey Belomestnykh Brookhaven National Laboratory
Silvia Verdú-Andrés BNL
Simon White BNL
Soren Prestemon Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Stefan Paret LBNL
Stefano De Santis LBNL
Stefano Redaelli Redaelli CERN
Stephane Fartoukh CERN
Stephen Gourlay Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Steve Krave Fermilab
Stuart Henderson Fermilab
Subashini De Silva Old Dominion University
Susana Izquierdo Bermudez CERN
Tanaji Sen Fermilab
Thomas Markiewicz SLAC
Tiina Salmi LBNL
Tom Nicol Fermilab
Tom Peterson Fermilab
valentina previtali LARP
Wolfram Fischer BNL
Xiaorong WANG LBNL
xu chen slac
Zenghai Li SLAC