Muon Collider Physics and Detector workshop



Event Manager

The event is organized jointly by the Snowmass Muon Collider Forum and Fermilab Future Colliders Group. It is primarily dedicated to Muon Collider physics and detector design (including machine-detector interface discussions). It aims to engage a broader participation in Muon Collider physics within the US community. Collaboration with IMCC and next steps will also be discussed.

The event is in-person only. Registration is now closed.

On Dec 15-16th we will be in 1West meeting room on the 1st floor of the Wilson Hall (except for Thursday early afternoon session, which is in the Ramsey Auditorium). The tutorial on Dec 14th will take place in the Sunrise meeting room, on the 11th floor of the Wilson Hall, North East corner of the building. 

Workshop reception for the participants will take place on Thursday Dec 15th. 

Organizing Committee:

Pushpa Bhat, Sergo Jindariani (Fermilab, Future Colliders Group)

Karri DiPetrillo (University of Chicago/Fermilab)

Kevin Black, Sridhara Dasu (Wisconsin)

Tova Holmes (Tennessee)

Patrick Meade (Stony Brook)

Isobel Ojalvo (Princeton)

Simone Pagan Griso (LBNL)

and the Fermilab Conference Office




  • Abdollah Mohammadi
  • Alan Bross
  • Anadi Canepa
  • Anna Mazzacane
  • Artur Apresyan
  • Benjamin Rosser
  • Bo Jayatilaka
  • Cari Cesarotti
  • Carl Vuosalo
  • Christian Herwig
  • Christopher Madrid
  • Clemens Lange
  • Cristian Pena
  • Cristina Ana Mantilla Suarez
  • Darin Acosta
  • David Neuffer
  • Donatella Lucchesi
  • Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy
  • Fengwangdong Zhang
  • Gordan Krnjaic
  • Grace Cummings
  • Henning Bahl
  • Ian Low
  • Irene Dutta
  • Irene Zoi
  • Isobel Ojalvo
  • Karri DiPetrillo
  • Katherine Pachal
  • Katsuya Yonehara
  • Kevin Black
  • Kevin Pedro
  • Kunfeng Lyu
  • Lacey Rainbolt
  • Lawrence Lee
  • Liantao Wang
  • Lindsey Gray
  • Luciano Ristori
  • Mark Palmer
  • Massimo Casarsa
  • Matthew Forslund
  • Maximilian Swiatlowski
  • Melissa Franklin
  • Mia Liu
  • Murtaza Safdari
  • Nadia Pastrone
  • Nathaniel Craig
  • Pascal Paschos
  • Patrick Meade
  • Petra Merkel
  • Philip Chang
  • Philipp Windischhofer
  • Pushpalatha Bhat
  • Rodolfo Capdevilla
  • Ryan Kim
  • Saptaparna Bhattacharya
  • Sergei Nagaitsev
  • Sergo Jindariani
  • Seth Koren
  • Shivani Lomte
  • Si Xie
  • Simone Pagan Griso
  • Sridhara Dasu
  • Tova Holmes
  • Vaia Papadimitriou
  • Victor Daniel Elvira
  • Vladimir Shiltsev
  • Wei Li
  • Yongbin Feng
  • Yoni Kahn
  • Young-Kee Kim
  • Zhen Liu
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