8-12 October 2018
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All components of PAL-XFEL (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory’s X-ray free-electron laser) were completely installed in December 2015, and Hard X-ray 0.1nm lasing achieved through its beam commissioning test and machine study on March 16, 2017. The beam line users are use the hard x-ray since March 22, 2017. Several parts that comprise the large scientific equipment should be installed and operat ... More
Presented by Mr. Hyo-Jin CHOI
Thermal contraction and expansion of the Cryostat will affect its reliability and stability. To optimize and upgrade the Cryostat, we analyzed the heat transfer in a cryo-vacuum environment from the theoretical point first. The simulation of cryo-vacuum deformation based on a finite element method was implemented respectively. The completed measurement based on a Laser Tracker and a Micro Align ... More
Presented by Mr. jiandong YUAN
It is a well-known fact that the positioning of particle accelerator components represents a major challenge for its functioning. Deformations of the building and accelerator structures can represent a problem for the alignment of a particle accelerator since the range for position adjustment of its magnets can be very limited depending on their mechanical design, especially when a compromise betw ... More
Presented by Dr. Rodrigo JUNQUEIRA LEÃO
During the construction of the building for the new Brazilian synchrotron light source, Sirius, several reference networks and coordinate systems were defined. The references used from the initial locations of the civil construction area were expanded, and the old coordinate system needed to be maintained during all phases of the civil works. Also, different references were used depending on the p ... More
Presented by Dr. Rodrigo JUNQUEIRA LEÃO