July 30, 2022 to August 6, 2022
Cliff Lodge
US/Mountain timezone

Multi-messenger Tomography of Earth (MMTE 2022) Workshop


Physicists measured Earth's mass using neutrinos for the first time |  Science News

We are organizing an in-person mini-workshop on "Multi-messenger Tomography of Earth (MMTE 2022)" during July 30th to 31st at The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

The idea is to bring together leading experts from the neutrino and geoscience communities to discuss in depth the present status of the field and its future developments. The main aim of this workshop is to explore the role of oscillation and absorption neutrinos towards the tomography of Earth - complementary to the seismic studies and gravitational measurements - paving the way for multi-messenger tomography of Earth.

The huge amount of high-quality atmospheric neutrino data that we expect to collect in the next 10 to 15 years using IceCube/IceCube-Gen2, DeepCore and its upgrade, ORCA and ARCA, Hyper-K, DUNE, and INO-ICAL with its CID capability, are going to play an important role along this direction.

Members of the organizing committee for MMTE 2022:

For questions regarding MMTE 2022 email [email protected]. Please click on the names listed above to contact any member of the organizing committee.

The following are the speakers for MMTE 2022:

  • Edward Kearns (Physics Dept., Boston University)
  • Francis Halzen (WIPAC & Physics Dept., University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Vedran Lekic (Dept. of Geology, University of Maryland)
  • Kei Hirose (Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Andrea Serafini (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Univ. of Padova; INFN, Padova)
  • Takashi Nakagawa (Hiroshima University)
  • Francis Nimmo (Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Univ. of California Santa Cruz)
  • Andrea Donini (Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular, University of Valencia)
  • Wenzhong Wang (Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington & Univ. College London, London)
  • Akimichi Taketa (Earthquake Research Institute, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Kotoyo Hoshina (WIPAC and Physics Dept., University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Joao Coelho (AstroParticule et Cosmologie (APC), Paris, France)
  • Anil Kumar (DESY Zeuthen, Germany)
  • Rebekah Pestes (Physics Dept., Virginia Tech)
  • Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla (Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar; WIPAC and Physics Dept., University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Bill McDonough (University of Maryland)
  • Keith D. Koper (University of Utah)
  • Mingming Li (Arizona State University)
  • Mike Thorne (University of Utah)
  • Serguey Petcov (SISSA)
  • Ivan Martinez-Soler (Harvard University)

While the MMTE 2022 website is still under construction, please refer to the following links for more information: