MAP 2014 Winter Meeting

Kavli Auditorium (SLAC)

Kavli Auditorium


Building 51
Daniel Kaplan (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jean-Pierre Delahaye (SLAC)

The meeting focuses on recent progress in muon accelerator R&D as well as on how efforts in this area will evolve given recent recommendations from the HEPAP P5 panel and Accelerator R&D panel. 

The workshop consists of plenary sessions covering developments in accelerator design and technology required to enable muon capabilities, the physics potential for precision neutrino sources and colliders based on these capabilities, and the concepts for a staged deployment of these capabilities.  The final day has a dedicated session where we will discuss the path forward for muon accelerator research.
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  • Henryk Piekarz
  • Pierrick Hanlet
  • Yuri Alexahin