Physics Opportunities at Beam Dump Facility in PIP-II and Beyond

Jacob Zettlemoyer (Fermilab), Jaehoon Yu (University of Texas at Arlington), Juan Vigil, Matthew Toups

This workshop is to explore physics opportunities, including dark sector particle (DSP) searches, at PIP-II beam dump and future facilities.   The PIP-II Linac at Fermilab is capable of accelerating up to 2 mA of protons to 800 MeV and is a fundamental element in providing a large flux of neutrinos essential for precision measurements at future long-baseline neutrino experiments.  The large proton current that will be provided by the PIP-II Linac and the proton interactions in the beam dump also provide an excellent opportunity to search for dark sector particles produced via various portals.   The aim of this workshop is to discuss the potential for DSP searches and other physics opportunities that can take full advantage of the beam power of this facility.   We anticipate that a white paper will be produced at the end of the workshop.  The workshop will be held from 1 pm CDT on Wednesday, May 10 and run through 12 pm CDT on Friday, May 12. 

A discussion on the proposed DAMSA experiment will take place starting the afternoon of Friday May 12 and run through the morning of Saturday, May 13, immediately following the workshop.

Please register prior to April 30th but as soon as possible, given that the site access could take up to a couple of weeks. Fermilab access will be requested as part of the registration process.

There will a registration fee of $40/person for in-person registrants, collected in cash on-site at the start of the workshop.   

A list of hotels in the area around Fermilab is also attached to this page in case that is useful in securing accommodations for the workshop.

Physics Opportunities at Beam Dump Facility at PIP-II and Beyond.
  • Alan Bross
  • Alexandre Pereira E Sousa
  • Alexis Aguilar Arevalo
  • Angela Fava
  • Benjamin Simons
  • Bhaskar Dutta
  • Brenda Cervantes Vergara
  • Brenna Flaugher
  • Chandrashekhara Bhat
  • Cheng-Yang Tan
  • Cristovao Fernandes Vilela
  • Daniel Snowden-Ifft
  • Dario Rodrigues
  • De Roeck Albert
  • Doojin Kim
  • Gajendra Gurung
  • Guillermo Fernandez Moroni
  • Jacob Bogenschuetz
  • Jacob Zettlemoyer
  • Jaehoon Yu
  • Jeffrey Eldred
  • Joshua Barrow
  • Juan Estrada Vigil
  • Kate Scholberg
  • Kayla Roman
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Marija Marjanovic
  • Matthew Toups
  • Michael Eads
  • Nhan Tran
  • Pedro Accioly Nogueira Machado
  • Phillip Gutierrez
  • Robert Zwaska
  • Rocio Vilar
  • Rupak Mahapatra
  • Shawn Westerdale
  • Steven Gardiner
  • Thomas Kobilarcik
  • Vishvas Pandey
  • William Pellico
  • Wooyoung Jang
  • Zhen Liu