nuSTORM Workshop

Racetrack - WH7X (Fermilab)

Racetrack - WH7X


Alan Bross (Fermilab)
Now that nuSTORM has received Stage I approval from the laboratory, it time to set the stage in moving forward. At this workshop, we will review the status of the facility and experimental program, discuss how best to provide input to the Snowmass process and discuss how to launch a formal collaboration.
Phone in Details
  • Alan Bross
  • Alex Bogacz
  • Andre de Gouvea
  • Ao Liu
  • Caroline Guimaraes
  • David Adey
  • David Neuffer
  • Edward Santos
  • Etam Noah
  • Ian Taylor
  • Jean-Baptiste Lagrange
  • Jorge G. Morfin
  • Mark Palmer
  • Michel Sorel
  • Milorad Popovic
  • Mitchell Yu
  • Ryan Bayes
  • Sampa Bhadra
  • Scott Menary
  • Sergei Striganov
  • Stephen Parke
  • Steve Brice
  • Tanaji Sen
  • Thomas R. Kobilarcik