US Magnet Development Program

Lecture Hall (IARC Building)

Lecture Hall

IARC Building

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, IL

This is the third annual collaboration meeting of the US Magnet Development Program (MDP CM-2019). It will be held from Wednesday, January 16th until approximate noon on Friday, January 18th in the IARC building at Fermilab, across from Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology Division (Technical Division).

At this meeting we will discuss the current status of the MDP active projects and plans for future activities and the possibility for expansion of the program.

General sessions will be held in the IARC Lecture Hall room at Fermilab. There will be a smaller conference room for management as shown in the timetable.

 Meeting Registration: There will be a registration fee of $110. Links in the menu at left take you to our secured registration site. The deadline for CM-2019 registration is January 6th. There will be no on-site registraiton.

There will be a FRA hosted reception the evening of January 16th on the 15th floor of Wilson Hall and a conference dinner the night of January 17th at Granite City, Naperville for a fee of $65. The registration fee includes working lunches on the 16 th and 17th.  as well as morning and afternoon coffee breaks each day.

Room Registration: A block of rooms have been reserved at the Hyatt House Warrenville for $88 per night until January 5, 2019.


We encourage you to book a room as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at Fermilab!


Guidance for speakers and session moderators
  • Akira Yamamoto
  • Alexander Zlobin
  • Andy Lankford
  • Anna Grassellino
  • Bernhard Auchmann
  • Bernhard Auchmann
  • Charlie Sanabria
  • Chiara Tarantini
  • Chris Joseph Kovacs
  • Daniel Schoerling
  • Daniele Turrioni
  • Danko van der Laan
  • David Larbalestier
  • Diego Arbelaez
  • Emanuela Barzi
  • Fumitake Kametani
  • Giorgio Ambrosio
  • Giorgio Apollinari
  • Gueorgui Velev
  • Ian Pong
  • Igor Novitski
  • Imam Hossain
  • James Symons
  • Jeremy Weiss
  • Joseph DiMarco
  • Joseph Minervini
  • Kathleen Amm
  • Kenneth Marken
  • Lance Cooley
  • Laura Garcia Fajardo
  • Lucas Brouwer
  • Mariusz Juchno
  • Mark Palmer
  • Maxim Marchevsky
  • Michael Brown
  • Mike Sumption
  • Peter McIntyre
  • Ramesh Gupta
  • Sergey Belomestnykh
  • Shijian Yin
  • Shijian Yin
  • Shlomo Caspi
  • Soren Prestemon
  • Stephen Gourlay
  • Steven Krave
  • Stoyan Stoynev
  • Tengming Shen
  • Thomas Strauss
  • Timothy James Symons
  • Tiziana Spina
  • Toru Ogitsu
  • Vadim Kashikhin
  • Vito Lombardo
  • Vittorio Marinozzi
  • Xiaorong Wang
  • Xingchen Xu